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Bowling Crew: Unlimited Chip Cheats – How to Tank and Invite for Endless Chips

Bowling Crew is a wildly popular player-vs-player bowling game for the iOS and Android platform that pits players against each other online in a bowl-off, fighting for the highest score possible. You have a ton of equipment that you can earn to better your game, although ultimately it’s up to your skills.

Chips are the main currency of the game, and they are used for purchasing the vast majority of equipment that you can buy in this game. If you’re stuck, often it’s a problem that more chips can help to fix.

Read on for a guide on how to cheat for more chips in Bowling Crew!

The main method of earning chips is from winning matches, which earns you cases, which contain chips. So obviously, you want to win as many matches as possible, so that you can earn as many chips as possible, right?

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Once you start getting power balls, precision balls, and bounce balls, you will be able to upgrade them. All you need is to have enough cards for an upgrade, and enough chips to be able to buy the upgrade, and usually chips are the sticking point.

If you get to the point where you can’t win without an upgrade, you can intentionally drop trophies in order to get easier matchups. Trophies are earned when you win and lost when you lose, and unlocking new bowling alleys requires a specific amount of trophies.

To drop trophies as cheaply as possible, go to the Jackrabbit Lanes alley, which is the cheapest one. Then after one or two moves, quit to lose the money that you bet and to lose the two trophies.

Now do this as many times as you want until your trophies are at rock bottom. It takes awhile to get this done, but you’ll eventually get down to the desired trophy level, so that you can get matched up against easier players.

Once you’re dropped enough, go to the desired league and then try to win again, and try to earn coins again. Then use those coins to buy all of the upgrades that you want.

The other way to earn a ton of chips is by using the Friends’ Gifts option. Know someone who wants to play this game? If so, then send it to them, but if not, you can still load up on free chips.

If you have more than one iOS or Android device, use your primary device to send the invite, and the secondary device (with a different account) to install it. Then go back to the primary device and get your rewards.

You can only do this if you have more than one device and more than one account. So it doesn’t work with two iOS devices on the same account, or by switching accounts on the same device.


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