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Bowmasters – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Bowmasters is a new player-vs-player shooting game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your archers and other characters trade shots with rival archers and other assorted characters. Your goal is to drain your opponents’ health first, and in exchange you win all sorts of coins and prizes, including new game modes. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bowmasters!

Each character’s weapon has different characteristics. For example, Mr. Gorskiy’s flag causes the enemy to slide back a good distance. The Hipster’s cell phone bounces, allowing you to land short and still have a chance at hitting the enemy. Walter Black’s flask launches chemicals in multiple directions once it hits the ground, as well as leaving a trail of chemicals behind.

You will get a combined coin reward once the battle is done, which is your bonus for winning plus any other bonuses you earned while playing e.g. the fatality reward or the headshot rewards. The epic chest offer will also pop up, and if you take the offer an ad video will play, followed by the epic chest roulette. You can earn coins or characters via the roulette.

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Some characters can be purchased with coins, while other characters can only be won through the epic chest roulette. Go through the list of characters and all of the ones with no crown over their heads can be purchased either with coins or with an in-app purchase. All of the ones with crowns over their heads have to be won via the roulette.

Each time you play against the computer, you’ll be paired against a different character. Play through loads of these before you start purchasing new characters, so that you can see what all of their weapons do, and then decide from there which ones you want to use.

Bird mode gives you a time limit and gives you random weapons from each of the characters that you have already unlocked. Hit the clocks to add time and hit the coins to collect a bonus. Apple mode has you shoot an apple or another fruit off of the head of another character. With each good shot that you make, the distance increases and the weapons change. Hitting that opposing character with an explosive weapon (such as a phone or card) and blowing up the fruit will count as a good shot, though your bonus will be low.