BOWMAX: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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BOWMAX is a new iOS and Android PvP combat game where you and other, real-life players shoot at and attack each other, like a speedy action scene from a retro-futuristic western movie. Your goal is to knock out the other player before he or she knocks you out.

You can collect all sorts of weapons including ranged, melee, and explosive weapons, as well as coins and upgrade cards. You can even earn new vehicles, collect gems (the premium currency of the game), and earn trophies to unlock new and more lucrative arenas.

Read on for some tips and tricks for BOWMAX!

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In battle, you can use either ranged weapons or melee weapons. If you pick a ranged weapon, you will be able to stay back, relatively free from danger, so that you can aim at the enemy. Aim for the head, which does double the damage, and destroy the enemy vehicle as soon as possible.

Once the vehicle is destroyed, you will be able to aim at the enemy minus a vehicle – they will simply be skating along the track, so they’ll be harder to target, but one shot will equal one kill. Don’t be so hardcore about a headshot here – all you want to do is get a hit.

Switch to a ranged weapon and you’ll move closer to the enemies, putting you at more danger to get attacked but also enabling you to do far more damage. When using a ranged weapon, take aim at players who are currently using ranged weapons, as it will take them a little bit of time to switch over.

Each time you win, you earn a chest. Unlock it, and it will contain vehicle cards, weapon cards, and coins, or if it’s one of the rarer chests, it can even contain gems. Always have a chest unlocking so that when you come back to the game, you have plenty of upgrade rewards and currency at your disposal.

In addition to those chests, you’ll get free ones on a time-based basis, so be sure to unlock those too. You’ll get them for free. Once you do, go to your equipment menu, upgrade what’s useful to you, and switch equipment out as needed.

Tap the “free gift” button often in order to earn all kinds of free stuff. Mostly, it will be coins, which are especially useful if you have equipment that’s ready to upgrade but don’t have the coins to actually do the upgrade. This is also useful if you lose a number of rounds, can’t afford to get back into the game, and need to earn some coins in order to do so.

For even more chests and rewards, tap on the orange-background chest icon in the main menu area. You’ll unlock chests here based on how many kills you get in-game, even when you lose, and you’ll have all sorts of daily missions to complete, which will earn you coins as a bonus reward.

You’ll unlock more arenas as you earn more trophies. Each of them costs more to enter, but also pays out better if you win. When you win, you earn double your entry fee, so spend more money to make more money.

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