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Boxing Star: How to get Rare, Epic, Unique, Superior, Exclusive and Omega Gear

Boxing Star is a new boxing game for the iOS and Android platforms where you manage everything about your boxer’s career, including the gear that they equip. Common gear is the usual kind, but you can get rare gear as well as superior, unique, epic, exclusive, and omega gear. Read on for a guide on how to get superior, unique, exclusive, and omega gear for your fighter!

Rare gear is, despite its name, the second most common kind of gear, and is the first non-common gear that you will find in battle. You can get epic gear fairly commonly from both the free gifts, and from the league battle boxes at the beginning of the game. Plus, if you decide to purchase a starter pack, you’ll load up on rare gear, as well.

Superior gear is where it really starts getting rare. To get superior gear, move up from league 1 to league 2. This is how you find it most commonly. For this and other tiers of gear, check the shop, as sometimes rare deals appear in Willy’s Shop. Check the info button on the two starter packs also; these will show you your percentage chance of getting the superior gear, which is about 1% with the starter packs.

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Unique gear is the second rarest type of gear. You’re not going to see much of this around until you are in the much higher levels of the game. Beat the most difficult story mode bosses. Also, play the league mode as often as possible, since this mode allows you to load up on the rarest gear, especially as you move higher in the leagues.

Epic gear is the rarest of all of the gear that you can find. This doesn’t show up in the starter packs. Like above, this appears more as you get further into the game and your rank in the league modes increases. The hardest of the story mode bosses will also allow you to unlock the epic gear.

Exclusive and omega are not tiers in and of themselves; in essence, they are sub-tiers of the other rarities. Exclusive gear appears in the initial premium pack that can be bought for merely 100 gold. Omega gear has a very small chance of appearing in the other starter packs. These gears will also pop up randomly in reward boxes throughout the game. You can find it in the starter packs, but even in the starter packs, it can be a limited selection.