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Boxing Star: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide, Page 2

Make sure to even out your equipment loadout the best that you can. This is especially important when it comes to gloves. You’ll have gloves that can improve your hook, your jab, and your uppercut. Equip one of each of the three, so that you can have a well-rounded repertoire of punches. The boosts will transfer over to all of your fights, even if the gloves look different on your boxer from one fight to the other.

Hit the social area for some fun functions that are a bit obscure. You can make a fully custom character and then fight against another player’s custom character – you can even load a picture of your face onto your character. Damage will be doubled, so the fights will be extremely quick. There aren’t rewards for these fights – these are more for practice than anything.

Engage in training as often as possible so that you can earn skill points. You can choose either intense training, which costs coins, or extreme training, which costs gold bars, with extreme training giving you more skill points than intense training. Always have training set before you log out of the game, so that you can come back to it when you log in again, collect the skill points, and upgrade your punches.

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As far as what skills to equip, decide this based on your fighting style. If you like to be aggressive and attack first, go for the stunner hunter attribute. If you like to dodge, block, and counterpunch, then go for the counter master attribute. Your style can change as you play the game more, and more styles are unlocked as you go further into the game (I.E. stamina burner and lucky puncher).

The sponsorship notifications can get annoying after awhile and can become easy to ignore, since a notification pops up every single time that you unlock a new equipment item, but don’t ignore them altogether. Once you complete a sponsor collection, you get a bonus attribute added, which can provide a huge advantage both in story fights and in league fights.

Once you start earning S-coins, head over to the “swank” section of the management tab to start investing. Purchase a new crib in order to increase your daily rental income. Purchase a new set of wheels to reduce the time that it takes a package delivery to complete. Add a new member to your entourage to get one extra bonus per day – the more people that you add to your entourage, the more bonuses you get daily.

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