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Boxing Star: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide, Page 3

S-Coins are the third currency of the game. They are easy to ignore, but they can actually be fairly easy to earn if you know how. First of all, link the game up to Facebook and you’ll be able to send gifts back and forth with anybody else who plays the game. Even without Facebook, add people via their friend codes or post your friend code in various places, such as in the comments section here, or on Facebook or Discord groups.

Beyond that, specific achievements can earn you a ton of S-Coins. Go to the achievements section and switch over to the Veteran tab, and all of the achievements under this tab will be worth S-Coins – meanwhile, every other tab will contain coins, gold, and boosts. Complete the achievements in the Veterans tab, load up on the S-Coins, and start picking up real estate, cars, and members for your entourage.

Your equipment has many different rarities. You can get common, rare, epic, unique, and superior equipment. Rare, despite the name, is the second most common form of equipment. Epic, unique, and superior are extremely rare, but are extremely worth getting. If you get one of these tiers of equipment, equip it forever, and sacrifice all of your common and rare equipment to level it up.

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So how do you get those top three tiers of equipment? Mostly, you’ll get them via rewards that you earn from league battles. You can buy packs in the store, which tend to be VERY expensive, and every so often, they will appear individually in the gear store. They’ll obviously be very expensive there, as well. Once in awhile, a rare pack will appear when you beat a league battle, and the rarer packs (which take forever to open) can often yield this rare equipment.

The entourage is where the S-Coins tie together with the epic, unique or superior equipment. For each member of the entourage that you unlock, you earn one extra pack per day. The more of these packs you earn, the more of a chance that you have of unlocking the rarest equipment. And even if you don’t, the other equipment will contribute to you winning more league matches.

What’s the best use of your gold? It depends on your playing style, but for a HUGE boost at the beginning, go to the store and purchase the premium packs, which cost 100 gold each. You’ll get fifteen different pieces of gear, which are all common, but that much common gear means that you can upgrade your other gear by a large amount.

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