Boxing Star: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Boxing Star is a new boxing game for the iOS and Android platforms where you create a boxer, manage them, and send them on their way from the fight clubs to a career in the pros, and big riches. You can earn coins, S-Coins, and gold, fight through both story and league modes, and purchase new equipment, real estate, outfits, and more. Read on for some tips and tricks for Boxing Star!

In the fights, your three main moves are the jab, hook, and uppercut, but you can also dodge, block, clinch, and use your super moves. The same is true for your opponent, and dodging punches effectively is the key to winning the tougher battles. Jabs are almost impossible to time, but hooks, super moves, and uppercuts have a long wind-up, making them easy to time. Watch for them to begin, dodge them, and use the vulnerable time to pound the other fighter into submission.

You’ll hit points, especially in story mode, where the next boxer in line is so much tougher than the previous one that you have almost no shot of winning. When you fight and win, you gain experience, so go back to an old fight, or go to the other mode when this happens (league mode if you are in story mode, or vice versa) and grind for experience until you gain some levels. Grind for new equipment if you are in league mode, as well, since package drops provide both equipment and money.

If you see an icon in the menu with the red “N” logo next to it, that means there’s something new to check out. In gear, that means you have new equipment, and in management, that means that new sponsorships are closer to being opened up. In skill, that means you have enough skill points for an upgrade to your skills. In achievements, that means that you’ve unlocked something, so that you can claim your free gold.

As you gain experience levels, you’ll unlock new stuff, including more equipment slots, so when you can equip new items, make sure to go to your gear screen right away and add them to your active equipment. If you don’t have any equipment to fill the slots with, go to the league mode and fight for boxes. Order them, and when they arrive, equip the new gear that comes inside.

Pick your rare, epic, unique and superior gear first if you have multiple choices for one slot, and if rarity is a moot point, then look at the traits of each piece of equipment and equip the ones that you find most advantageous. Competition gloves activate for league battles, and sparring gloves activate for story battles, so if you love a particular set of gloves, switch them back and forth whenever you switch from one fighting mode to the other.

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