Brain Blow: All Answers and Solutions to All Levels and Questions

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Level 1: To find the biggest object on the screen, go by size in real life. Out of all of the fruit, the watermelon is actually the largest.

Level 2: To find the apple that’s different, use your finger to drag apples out of the way until you find a hidden apple with a bite taken out of it. That’s the different apple.

Level 3: What’s the highest? Out of all of them, the sun is the highest, not any of the animals, so tap on the sun.

Level 4: How many goats do you see on the screen? Only count the ones with horns; the other one is a sheep. There are 13 total goats.

Level 5: Which cup will fill up first? Move cup 2 out of the way because it’s obscuring the real path of the water. Cup 5 will fill up first.

Level 6: To guess the number under the token, cheat and move the token completely out of the way. The number is 13.

Level 7: To find the hiding duckling, grab them and shake them by swiping up and down with your finger until a duckling falls out of one of them.

Level 8: To find the largest fire, put all four of the fires on top of each other to make the biggest possible fire, then tap on it.

Level 9: Which shape has the most sides? The circle, because it has an unlimited amount of sides.

Level 10: How many triangles are there in a pentagram? There are a total of 11, including the triangles that have smaller triangles inside.

Level 11: To put the red square into the frame, use two fingers to zoom out on the green square until it shrinks and turns red, then put it inside of the frame.

Level 12: To help the baby kitten drink milk, drag the milk toward the cup to put it in the cup so that the cat can drink it.

Level 13: What is the darkest color on the screen? The black in the question is the darkest.

Level 14: What color prevails here? The answer is white, because it’s more numerous than all of the other colors due to the background.

Level 15: How many hairs are left on Grandpa’s head? Swipe on his hair to remove most of it, and then count the few that are left. There are three hairs on his head.

Level 16: To find the baby duck, find the one that has no comb on its head and a different shaped bill in the lower right quadrant. Or follow the arrow in this picture:

Level 17: To find what you can eat, start moving stuff around, then put the sun, the back of the middle flower, the cloud, and the two disconnected flower pedals on the pan. They look like eggs and bacon.

Level 18: How many bugs do you see? Move the rock out of the way to reveal any possible hidden bugs. There are nine total bugs.

Level 19: To hit the jackpot, make a straight flush by putting the 10 of hearts at the end of the 6 of hearts, 7 of hearts, 8 of hearts, and 9 of hearts.

Level 20: To wake the kitten, tap on its paw over and over again until it wakes up.

Level 21: To help the piglet win, hold down the chicken and the dog with two fingers and then tap the start button over and over with a third finger to make the piglet keep going.

Level 22: To find something that you can eat, put the bucket, the left flower from the tray, and the bone on the plate (the bone hanging off of the right side of the others) to make a pork chop.

Level 23: To get to the bone, grab the bone with one finger and move it over to the dog instead.

Level 24: To put everything in the box, put all of the objects into the box, then put the question into the box.

Level 25: To buy the elephant, tap the word “buy” underneath the “watch” button.

Level 26: Which hand is out of place? The hand on the right is the one that’s out of place.

Level 27: How many ants do you see on the screen? Zoom in on the rock and count the number of ants that are on it. There are a total of 16 ants on the screen.

Level 28: To wake up the bat, drag the sun down off of the bottom of the screen to turn it into night and wake up the bat, since bats are nocturnal.

Level 29: To find something that you can’t eat, move the chicken off of its nest and then tap the nest.

Level 30: To whack a mole, grab the mole out of the hole with one of your fingers and then drag it over to the hammer to whack it.

Level 31: To move one matchstick to make 508 into the biggest number, type in 909, since that’s the largest it can be by moving just one stick.

Level 32: To solve 7.5-6+0.5=?, drag the middle line through the 7 over to the ? to make it a 2.

Level 33: To make a semicircle, drag the circle halfway off of the screen and it will turn itself into a semicircle.

Level 34: To find all 8 of the animals in the picture, drag the cloud down above the dirt hill and tap it to make it rain, so that the worm comes out. Then tap the other 7, including the ant hiding behind the rock.

Level 35: What number will the hour hand point to in four hours? 3:00, the same time as shows now, because it’s not a clock, it’s just a picture of one.

Level 36: To find book number 6, tap book number 9, which is really just 6 upside down.

Level 37: To move one matchstick to solve 6+4=4, move the one out of the plus sign into the 6 to make it into 8-4=4.

Level 38: To find the hexagon, put the trapezoid on top of the square to turn it into one single six-sided shape.

Level 39: To correct the equation R=P, tap and swipe the bottom right extension of the R to turn it into a P.

Level 40: How many ice cream cones do you see? There are a total of 11.

Level 41: To find the photo, turn the phone sideways so that the book faces right side down, then shake your phone HARD.

Level 42: What is the number under the car? Turn your phone upside down to see the true sequence. It’s 87.

Level 43: To find the mother duck, tap an empty part of the screen and move the entire screen upward to find the duck below the other four ducks.

Level 44: To find the 8, look in the lower right quadrant of the picture, toward the center of the picture, or follow the arrow below:

Level 45: To tap the dragonfly above the text, move the question below the pictures, then tap the dragonfly in the picture.

Level 46: To find the hidden stars, shake the phone to make everyone in the picture dizzy and make stars appear over their head.

Level 47: To fix the equation 58=5 and make it true, move the middle matchstick inside the 8 and overlap the 5, then move the 5 to the left one space to make it 5-0=5.

Level 48: To complete the maze easily, simply walk around the maze by using the arrows to navigate and go to the “exit” sign.

Level 49: Put all of the coins in the piggy bank. How many are there now? Put the coins in, then tap it over and over until it breaks. Now count the number of coins that fall out.

Level 50: To light the third lamp, light the lamp with the number 4 under it, which is actually the third one in line.

Level 51: Why doesn’t this cat catch mice? Because the cat isn’t real. Zoom out and you will see that it is a drawing of a cat.

Level 52: Brightness access is required, which the game can’t get right now, but it might later on with an update.

Level 53: To help the squirrel get the nut, hold your finger on the ice to melt it, then give the defrosted nut to the squirrel.

Level 54: To find the worm, drag the question out of your way to reveal where it is, then tap it.

Level 55: To change the fish’s direction by moving three matchsticks, move the lower left portion of its body to the top and right tops of the tail, then move the two bottom right matches upward to finish the new tail.

Level 56: To turn on the toaster, out over finger on either end of the red wire.

Level 57: To reverse the pyramid in three moves, move the far right ball to the far left, and move the upper and lower left balls to the upper and lower right.

Level 58: To find the largest rectangle, zoom out to reveal the white background as being one giant rectangle.

Level 59: To put the shapes in the right frames, put the square and trapezoid in the same frame and put the circle in the circle frame.

Level 60: Dad’s coming, hide the phone! You can hide it by putting your finger on top of the phone for about five seconds in a row.

Level 61: To help the kid eat the ice cream, slide the second highest platform to the right by moving it with your finger, then use the arrows to drop the kid onto the ice cream.

Level 62: To move two matchsticks, move the base of the roof to the other side, then turn the diagonal roof match with two fingers and move it to the other side with one finger.

Level 63: How many cats are in the room? Tap the lightswitch to see the hidden ghost cat when the light goes off. There are 5 cats in the room.

Level 64: To see all of the donuts, move them all to find the hidden donuts, then move the Clear button to find even more donuts, then move the little mini donut to find even more donuts under that. There are 12 total donuts.

Level 65: How many birds are sitting in the tree? Shake the phone to make them all go away, and there will be 0 birds.

Level 66: Who is the killer? Tap the lamp to turn it on and off three times. Once everyone but the lady is gone, she will have a knife in her hand, thus she is the killer.

Level 67: How do you build a ship in the bottle? Shake the bottle to make the ship build itself.

Level 68: The boy lost his penny, where is it? Tap the dog food to open it, then feed it to the dog, and the dog will poop the penny out.

Level 69: To find the bear, put the girl on the circular green patch of grass, and the bear will come out of the bushes and confess its love.

Level 70: To beat John in Tic-Tac-Toe, tap the top right and bottom right squares at the same time to place two circles and make three in a row.

Level 71: You only need one cut to cut the circle into 8 parts. Folding the circle takes care of the rest of it, since the circle is on a piece of paper.

Level 72: To go through the level, put the question in between the two platforms by dragging it with your finger and then use the arrows to move the Mario clone across.

Level 73: To make it so that the river flows, tap the big boulder multiple times until it breaks and lets the water through.

Level 74: To empty the glass, turn the phone upside down and then shake it. Make sure that the rotation lock is off.

Level 75: To turn the light on, put your finger on top of the battery and on the base of the light bulb at the same time, and hold them there for five seconds. Reposition your fingers as needed.

Level 76: To push the button, try to move the arrows out of the way until one of them moves, then push the little blue button under it.

Level 77: Draw a line that crosses all sides of the image only once, but remember that the line can cross itself. Get the outside edges first, then the inside ones after.

Level 78: To put the baby to sleep, just shake the phone.

Level 79: To find the cat, put the ball of yarn next to the right hand side of the chair. If it is in the right position, the cat will come out and try to get it.

Level 80: When you tap the red and green squares, count manually and ignore the counters, which are inaccurate.

Level 81: To feed the piglet, tap the pig until she moves and reveals the piglet, then give it the hay.

Level 82: To push the green button, close the app and then launch it again. The blue button will turn green.

Level 83: To set the Christmas tree alight, zoom out to find a match and gasoline, then put first the gasoline, then the matches on the tree to set it on fire.

Level 84: To put four apples into the basket, shake the phone to make three apples fall out, then move the tree out of your way with your finger to reveal a fourth apple, then put them all in the basket.

Level 85: To continue the sequence, add the last two numbers together to make the next number. By that rule, the next number is 34.

Level 86: To open the chest, drag the lid up with one finger and the chest down with another finger at the same time.

Level 87: To push the red button, hold it down with one finger to keep it from moving, then tap it with the other finger at the same time.

Level 88: Is the glass half full or half empty? Both, so tap both of the buttons.

Level 89: how do you free the elephant? Turn your phone over to make a key fall out of the pot.

Level 90: There are a total of 5 berries in the picture.

Level 91: To write Brain, tap Narib (the letters are switched)

Level 92: To correct the equation 5+5+5=555, drag a slash mark out of the third 5 (notice how it goes higher up than the other 5’s) and stick it inside of the equals sign.

Level 93: To find the coffee, all that you have to do is tap “Coffee” in the question.

Level 94: To continue the sequence one more time, ignore the answer field and tap on the last number in the sequence to make another number appear. The numbers are the Fibonacci sequence.

Level 95: Which cube is unwrapped? The third cube is the one that is unwrapped, so tap 3 in the number field.

Level 96: To find the wrong die, tap on the one that has seven dots on one side, arranged in an H-shape.

Level 97: To solve 8+8=91, turn the phone upside down and it will turn into 16=8+8.

Level 98: What symbol can be put between 4 and 5 to get a number that is greater than 4, yet is smaller than 5? A period, which makes it 4.5.

Level 99: To find the correct answer, calculate how much each animal is worth. Yellow birds are 10, red is 5, pigs are 20. Instead of typing 20 though, drag one of the two pigs into the text box, then hit OK without typing anything.

Level 100: To convert the directions of the arrows, turn your phone to the right so that Up points up and Down points down.

Level 101: To continue the sequence A, B, C, D, type F because the underscore acts as the bottom part of the E.

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