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Brain King: IQ Crush – All 125+ Answers and Solutions for All Levels and Questions

Brain King: IQ Crush is one of the latest trick question games for the iOS and Android platforms, and one of the most difficult yet! This game throws questions at you that force you to tap what you didn’t know you had to tap, shake your phone, and more in order to beat them.

You have a series of increasingly tough questions that you can try to beat, and you can get hints, but we have all the answers right here.

Read on for all of the answers for Brain King: IQ Crush!

Level 1: To tap the fruit from smallest to largest, tap on the cherries, then the apple, then the watermelon. The game does not count a pumpkin as a fruit.

Level 2: To destroy the nasty fly, grab the fly off of the cat’s cheek, then put it in the cat’s mouth. The cat will eat it, which will destroy it.

Level 3: One of the dogs is different. To find the one that’s different than the others, use your fingers to drag the dogs out of the way, and the different one will be hiding behind one of them.

Level 4: Oh my goodness, Medusa is trying to turn you into stone! To stop that from happening, grab the mirror and put it in front of her. She will turn herself into stone, thus saving you.

Level 5: To find a way to get through this level, move the button that says “TAP ME” out of the way, and behind it will be a button that says “NEXT” that will take you to the next level when you tap it.

Level 6: The match game changes every time, so watch and memorize the different expressions before you start it. The winking face matches the winking face of the girl below the grid, so tap her face and the winking face in the grid.

Level 7: To click to go to the next level, move the mouse around and a mouse arrow will appear. Move the mouse to the NEXT button and then tap on the right mouse button.

Level 8: The picture appears to have several black spots, but it’s an optical illusion. It actually has 0, so change the number to 0 and hit OK.

Level 9: To find the ladybug in this picture, move the books out of the way to reveal eyeglasses. Put the eyeglasses on the kid’s face and he’ll be able to see the ladybug appear on the flower. Then tap the ladybug.

Level 10: To calculate the answer, one watermelon = 10, one banana = 1, one orange = 2. The question is half an orange plus one watermelon plus three bananas, therefore the answer is 14.

Level 11: To rate the game properly, tap the five stars. You don’t actually have to follow this up with an app store rating, though.

Level 12: To figure out which of the dogs is different again, shake your phone or tablet, or whatever device you’re playing on. One of the dogs will get dizzy. Tap on the dizzy dog, since that’s the different one.

Level 13: Look at the pile of pens carefully. The third pen from the bottom is pen number four.

Level 14: To think of a way to cheer up Richard, turn the phone upside down. The frown will turn into a smile, and you will pass the level.

Level 15: To combine the numbers to make the largest possible value, tap 00. The two zeroes will turn into the infinity symbol. Then hit OK.

Level 16: To find the heart, slide the large red piece under the small red piece, and when they are positioned right, they will turn into a tilted heart. Then tap on the heart.

Level 17: To help him turn off the light, all you have to do is swipe downward on the lightbulb about five times to pull it out of its slot and shut the light off.

Level 18: To tap on the blue button, wait until the red button pops up. Then swipe up on the screen to move the red button up and make the blue button pop up from the bottom of the screen. If you swipe the red button in the wrong direction, just start the level over.

Level 19: Smoking is bad for your health. So to put out the cigarette, grab it at the filter with two fingers, and move the fingers up and down (in opposite directions i.e. left finger up, right finger down), then reverse, over and over again, until it goes out.

Level 20: The proper order of the cards from low to high is A, 4, 7, 9, 10, K, so tap on them in that order.

Level 21: To wake up the owl, grab the sun with your finger and move it down to the bottom of the screen. Owls wake up when the sun goes down.

Level 22: Shirley ate too much candy and her teeth hurt. Put the magnifying glass up to her mouth to reveal the bugs. Then swipe up on her middle tooth to pull it and make a good tooth appear in its place.

Level 23: To figure out the password, figure out what the word “Error” looks most like when it’s backwards. The answer is 70773.

Level 24: Which of the following is the farthest from us? The pencil, because it’s the farthest away from the word “us” in the question.

Level 25: Richard accidentally went into the girls’ bathroom. Where should the girls cover themselves? The answer is Richard’s eyes. Use a finger to cover them.

Level 26: To solve the equation 13+13=?, you’ll notice that none of the answers are right. Instead, tap the level number, which is 26, since 13+13=26.

Level 27: To calculate the answer properly, snail with flower in its hair = 7, snail without a flower on its head = 5, watch/clock = 6 when the hour hand is on six, and flower = 2. The equation has two flowers in it and the snail has none, and the watch says 5:00. 5+4×5 (using PEMDAS) = 5+20 = 25.

Level 28: To click on the right picture according to the pattern, do alphabetical order. Tap dog, girl, pumpkin, sheep, tree, then watermelon.

Level 29: Who is the tallest? Tap on the sun, because the sun is actually the tallest.

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Level 30: To find the circle, ignore all of the shapes below the question. Tap on the period in the question, because the period is actually a circle.

Level 31: To save Richard from being surrounded by sharks, use your finger to wipe away the thought bubble, because he’s only imagining being surrounded by sharks.

Level 32: How many black spots do you see? There is only one black spot, which is the period in the question, so change the answer to 1 and hit OK.

Level 33: To calculate 2sinxtanx/2ntanx, delete the common variables. take away 2, s, I, t, a, n, x. The answer is 6.

Level 34: To answer what time it is now, put in the current time on your phone. If the time is PM, put it in military time (2:30PM is 14:30 for example)

Level 35: To get the duck to the exit, go around the maze, since there is no path through it. Move the duck around the maze to the exit using the arrows.

Level 36: One of the ladies is different than the others. Flip the phone upside down and you’ll see that one of them is wearing men’s underwear. Tap her.

Level 37: To help Richard get some sleep, tap on all of the animals that are not sheep to make them go away. Let the sheep jump over until they hit the number 8.

Level 38: 1=4 in the equation, therefore 4=1. Ignore all of the other equations.

Level 39: To complete the equation 101-102=1, grab the 2 and the last 1, then move your fingers in opposite directions up and down until you win.

Level 40: To find what you can’t eat, drag the duck out of its own picture and a hole in the ground will take its place. Then tap on the dirt in the hole.

Level 41: Which bottle is coke? To find this out, shake the phone over and over again until one of the bottles explodes. The one that explodes is coke.

Level 42: What color takes up the most space? The backdrop is white, and it takes up more space than anything in the circle, so tap white.

Level 43: How many triangles are below? Count all of the triangles that include multiple other triangles inside of them too. The answer is 24.

Level 44: What number is the car parked in? Move the car out of the way with your finger to find out. The answer is 12.

Level 45:To count how many hairs there are, tap and drag his hair out of the way to remove the wig. Then count the hairs on his head. There is a total of four hairs on his head.

Level 46: To get the baby to fall asleep, shake your phone gently-to-medium-speed from side to side (not up and down) as if it were a baby cradle.

Level 47: To put everything into the fridge, put all of the food items into the fridge, plus put the entire question (including the period) into the fridge.

Level 48: To mix the two colors together, put your finger over the top of the test tube to keep the liquid in, then shake the phone around vigorously to mix the liquids.

Level 49: There are 26 letters in the alphabet. If E and T left, how many letters are left? ET leaves in a UFO, so five letters are now gone. The answer is 21.

Level 50: Today is Jack’s second birthday, so to celebrate, take the match and light the middle candle with it. Then tilt your phone 90 degrees to the side to light one of the other candles too.

Level 51: To combine the numbers given to the smallest value, drag the period out of the question and in between the first and second number boxes to make a decimal point. Then type 1 three times, since you can hit any number more than once. The answer is 1.11.

Level 52: Tap the word “Anywhere” in the question to go to the next level. If you tap Restart you’ll go back to level 1. If you tap Don’t Touch you’ll go to level 49. If you tap Dummy nothing happens. If you tap Previous you go back to level 51.

Level 53: To find the torch, put the flame, the handle, and the base together. Use the ice cream cone as the handle, and the dinner plate as the base, then put the fire on top of the dinner plate.

Level 54: How can the boat be capsized? Rub one of the two pigs (the pig on the right usually works best) on the stomach from side to side over and over and over again. This will cause one of the pigs to lose weight, creating a weight imbalance, and capsize the boat.

Level 55: To make the cat happy, grab the yarn ball and drag it around the cat. The cat’s eyes will follow it, and the cat will become happier.

Level 56: To help Richard get away from the bee, give the flower that’s sitting behind the rock to the bee and it will stop trying to go after Richard.

Level 57: Use the same number to solve ???+??+?+?+?=1000. The answer is 8. 888+88+8+8+8=1000

Level 58: Tap the yellow, green, and red marmots in that exact order ten times (ten total taps, not ten taps per color). Take your time because they change positions after each tap.

Level 59: The line at the ATM is way too long. You can switch people around in line by dragging them around. Drag three of the same colored shirt characters right next to each other to make them disappear, like a Match-3 game. Do this with everyone in line.

Level 60: You can’t tell which flower is the biggest at first, but you can if you zoom out on them. Do the zoom-out motion with two fingers on all of the flowers to find their true sizes, then tap on the largest one.

Level 61: To wake up the baby so that it can have its milk, tap on the clock over and over to make the hands move forward (ignore the red X’s that pop up). After you tap the clock enough times, the baby will wake up. Then put the milk bottle on its chest.

Level 62: To fix the broken walking stick, take the trees out of the model of the city, then once they’re out of the way, take the street lamp out of the model city, and put it on top of the walking stick.

Level 63: To help the kitty get the fish, take two fingers, place them on the water, and then drag the water downward below the fish that’s on the fishing line.

Level 64: To put the car in the parking lot, simply grab it with your finger and drag it into the parking spot. You can move it over all of the gray walls.

Level 65: Today is Richard’s 18th birthday. To get him his presents, enter the 8-digit password, which is his date of birth. The calendar says 20191210 and the piece of paper that’s balled up says “The calendar date is yesterday”. That means the password is 20011211.

Level 66: Richard wants to eat a pear. To help him, shake your phone hard for about three seconds. A pear will fall out that he can eat.

Level 67: The differences between the two pictures are: what’s in the girl’s hand, the decoration in the top right corner of the screen, the shadow in the mirror, the tile in the lower left corner of the picture, the number of water drops off of the left side of the girl’s head, and the right side of Richard’s hair.

Level 68: How can we share the three apples easily? Easy – drag all but three of the people off of the screen, so that you have three people for three apples.

Level 69: Use the chart below to find all of the items:

Level 70: To tap ten times, tap only the ducks that are facing to the left ten times. Tap the duck in the question once, then the left-facing flying ducks nine times to make it a total of ten times.

Level 71: To make it stop raining, turn your phone upside down so that the rain falls back upwards instead of downward.

Level 72: Richard has really bad eyesight. To help him see the eye chart, wipe the glasses off until the swirls disappear off of them, and then he’ll be able to see it.

Level 73: Find the marble once on x1 speed, and then one more time on x3 speed. The third time, it will say x10 speed. Swipe right on the 0 in 10 to turn it back into x1 speed, then find the marble again.

Level 74: The kid just wet his pants and is embarrassed, so would should we do for him? Just give him the red polka-dotted cloth so that he can be dried off.

Level 75: The narrator lost a thumbtack. To help him find it, first, grab the magnet, then second, drag the magnet around the top of the screen, from side to side. Bring the magnet back down and the thumbtack will be sticking to it. Now tap the thumbtack.

Level 76: How many pears are on the tree? At the beginning there’s 12, which matches none of the answers, but shake the phone and 4 of them will fall off. Then tap the 8 button.

Level 77: To keep the scale balanced, simply take all of the objects out of both sides of the scale. If you do this and the scale stays stuck, just put an object in the high side to sink it, then take the object back out.

Level 78: To make a fire using only the two pieces of wood, stick the vertical piece into the horizontal piece to make an upside down T, then move the I-shaped piece of food from side to side to start a fire with friction.

Level 79: To give the cat a bath, first, stick the cat into the tub. Then keep pulling fish out of the cat food can and giving them to the cat until the bath is done.

Level 80: How can you make all six of the batteries have the same power? Drag all of the symbols out of the middle of the batteries and put them all off to the side, so that all six of the batteries look the same.

Level 81: How do you keep the dog away from the sausage? Pick up the sausage and put it in Richard’s mouth and he will eat it, meaning that the dog won’t be able to have it.

Level 82: To find the donut, move the lion’s face and it will pull away from the “mane”. Then take the round sprinkly-looking pink and blue shape and move the middle out, and put the outside on the mane. Then move the red stripes off of the life raft, then stick the white circle under the mane/sprinkles.

Level 83: To raise the elevator, pick up the word elevator in the question and life it upwards and out of the question. Pay attention to the level of the elevator before you do this.

Level 84: To cage the dog, grab the bowl of dog food and stick it behind the fence. The dog will run behind the fence and cage itself in order to eat the food.

Level 85: At which level did the elevator in the previous level stop at? This refers to Level 83. You can go back to the level if you need to in order to see the elevator floor. It’s floor 5.

Level 86: Tap the buttons in the order from small to large: The buttons change numbers every time, so screenshot the level each time you play in order to see the numbers, or just memorize and tap.

Level 87: The differences in the picture are the sun, the flying bird, the flowers above the bed, the bottom part of the left tree, and the cow’s foot.

Level 88: Which one is the longest line? To figure out the answer, turn your phone upside down until all of the lines fall. You’ll see their entire lengths when they do, so tap the longest one once they all fall.

Level 89: To open the treasure chest, grab the main part of the chest with one finger, the lid with the other finger, then pull the two apart to open it.

Level 90: Which balloon is the hardest? To figure that out, grab the exclamation mark out of the question, then drag it over all of the balloons to pop all but one of them. The balloon that does not pop is the one that’s the hardest.

Level 91: Which level is the highest one that the previous elevator can reach? Go back to level 83 and look at the buttons. The highest button is 10, so change the number to 10 and hit OK.

Level 92: Which cup is the largest? This question is about the bras, so swipe to remove the shirts, then tap on the girl with the biggest bra.

Level 93: To count all of the hair strands on the guy, first, count all of the strands on the front. There are 19. Now, tap him to turn him around and count all of the hairs on the back of his head. There are 3. Total, there are 22 hair strands.

Level 94: To form a hanger, first, shrink the boomerang down by doing the zoom-out motion on it (fingers inward). Then take a guitar string off of the guitar and stick it on the bottom of the boomerang. Now take the hook off of the bell and put it on top of the hanger.

Level 95: What’s in between Canada and Mexico? None of the answers are right, not even USA. The answer is the word “and”, so tap that word in the question.

Level 96: You can find all of the hidden objects using the below chart:

Level 97: To draw the answer in the box, darken the top-left to bottom-right squares to make a slash, then darken only the top right square.

Level 98: To remember the button and tap it, tap the word “it” in the question. Remember the number on the button, you might or might not need it later.

Level 99: Which number should the question mark be? The sum of all four numbers on the outside are equal to the square of the number inside. 10+14+4+8=36. The square root of 36 is 6.

Level 100: How can I keep the boat from capsizing? Do the zoom-in motion on the skinny pig to make it fat again. With the pigs being equal sizes, the boat will not capsize.

Level 101: To turn on the TV, move the table and all of the stuff on it out of the way to find the remote, then tap the remote.

Level 102: How many chickens are there? One of them is not a chicken – check the top of the head. There are 8 total chickens.

Level 103: What time is it after 4 hours? Still 1, because the watch is drawn on his wrist.

Level 104: Where is Maldives? It’s in the question. Tap on the word Maldives.

Level 105: Divide the circle into 8 equal parts with how many cuts? Only one cut because the circle can be folded.

Level 106: To help win five in a row, tap the two spaces above the white circles with two fingers at the same time.

Level 107: To put the shapes in the dashed areas, put the flower and soda can in the respective shapes, and put the heat in the flower shape.

Level 108: To find the darkest color, tap the question since it has black font.

Level 109: To find all of the ladybugs, zoom in on the leaf with two fingers. There are 16 total ladybugs.

Level 110: To wake Richard, shake the phone to knock a fruit off of the tree and hit him in the head.

Level 111: To figure out which bottle is the real cola, wipe off the stains with your fingers to see which bottle says Cola.

Level 112: To find the four moths among the butterflies, tap the ones that have two wings instead of four.

Level 113: To find the yarn ball, put all of the cats together, then split them apart and the yarn ball will appear.

Level 114: To count the ice creams, move the ice creams sound to find the hidden one. There are six total.

Level 115: To help the kitten enter the castle, tap the door to open it and then tilt your phone upside down to drop the car into the door.

Level 116: To smash the balloons in order, tap 1-5, turn the phone upside down and tap 6, then turn the phone right side up and tap 7 and 8.

Level 117: To find the pentagon, put the square and the triangle together to turn it into a pentagon.

Level 118: To feed the dog right, feed the dog everything but the dynamite. Move the dynamite to the bottom of the screen to blow it up.

Level 119: To hit the gopher, drag it with your finger and move it over to the hammer.

Level 120: To get one million after you press it without changing weight, look for a bit of the background under the two buttons that has no graphing squares on it. Swipe it out of the way to reveal the third option.

Level 121: To move the basketball off screen, move the word “basketball” in the question off of the screen.

Level 122: To combine the smallest numbers, move the first underscore up to turn it into a negative sign, then type 999 to make -999.

Level 123: To help the crow drink water, put the cloud over the sun to make rain, then drag the beaker over to the crow and it will drink.

Level 124: To lift the iron block, turn your phone upside down and it will come unstuck.

Level 125: to turn off the leaky air conditioning unit, simply hit the power button.

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