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Brain Puzzle: 99 Games – All Answers and Solutions to All Questions and Levels: Full Walkthrough

Brain Puzzle: 99 Games is a pseudo sequel to Brain Puzzle: IQ Challenge for the iOS and Android. This game has easier puzzles than the last one, but many of them are still tricky to beat.

You do anything from control a broken robot, to stringing thread through the eye of a needle, to dropping donuts off a hook into a guy’s mouth, and more, which doesn’t sound that tough, but it can be much harder than you might think.

Read on for the full answer guide and walkthrough for Brain Puzzle: 99 Games!

Level 1: To line up the shot properly, tap the screen when the cursor is over the green part of the bar.

Level 2: To pick your slice, tap when the guy’s tongue is parallel to the last or second-to-last zombie finger. The tongue takes awhile to get to the safe slice.

Level 3: To pick the nose, tap right as the nose is about to move away from one of the two sides of the screen and back to the middle.

Level 4: To shake hands with the dog, wait until the human hands are perfectly lined up with the dog paws, then tap. They can’t even be a little bit off.

Level 5: To land it, wait until the Tesla Cybertruck is lined up perfectly with the two tires on the ground, and then tap on the screen.

Level 6: To cut the ropes and rescue the duck, simply swipe the rope and it will go away. The duck will fall slowly, then walk to the exit.

Level 7: To shave the face, just pick up the razor and cut off all of the hairs.

Level 9: To put the needles in the right spot, pop the pimples with the needle, but don’t touch anywhere besides the pimples or you will have to restart.

Level 10: To mix the colors, tap the red and then tap the yellow over and over until the shade of orange matches the sample.

Level 11: Make a cupcake by moving the cherry stem part to the top and the widest part to the middle.

Level 12: To give him hair, tap to launch the hairs at his head but don’t let any of the hairs touch each other. You have to put five hairs on him.

Level 13: To help the cat diet, move the hands around by swiping left or right to block the food that launches at it.

Level 14: To draw the bunny, hold down on the screen to draw, but don’t hit the green line. Don’t start the eye until the green line is on the opposite side of the eye.

Level 15: To catch it, flip it and then swipe left to move the tomato guy all the way to the far left side of the screen.

Level 16: Which one will fill first? Number 1 is the one that will fill first. Look at the pipe heights.

Level 17: To survive getting picked, move the booger around and watch out for the hand to change speeds and pause randomly to throw you off.

Level 18: To complete business bounce, move the businessman around until the moon hits him three times.

Level 19: To break the glass, wait until the cursor lines up with the green part of the bar, then tap.

Level 20: To collect them, move the cloth around to pick up the poop and avoid the worms.

Level 21: To eat the donuts, rotate the bar slowly clockwise until the donuts fall off and into the guy’s mouth.

Level 22: To grade the tests, time the shot right to launch the A+ at each test. The speed will increase with each test so you’ll have to change the timing a bit.

Level 23: To color match the bananas, simply tap each one individually until they are all the same color.

Level 24: To match the colors, just tap one color, then tap the other one over and over until the mix matches the swatch.

Level 25: To save the duck, cut the rope when the spikes pop up. By the time the duck lands on the ground, the spikes will disappear again.

Level 26: To solve it, put the cone together, and add the rest of the ice cream to it.

Level 27: To shave the back again, simply run over the hairs with the razor.

Level 28: To catch the poops, move the bag around and catch five of the falling ones.

Level 29: To scare them away, take the poop stick and move it towards all of the other food.

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Level 30: To set the helium free, wait until the balloons are almost to the center, but not quite, and then launch the pin at it. Do this three times.

Level 31: To catch the fly, shoot when the fly is about 45 degrees away from the frog’s mouth.

Level 32: To give him googly eyes, just put one googly eye on each of his eyes.

Level 34: To avoid getting stepped on, swipe side to side to stop him from getting stomped.

Level 35: Just rub or tap on her to beautify her. Tap using multiple fingers at a time to do it the quickest.

Level 36: To shoot it, wait until the gap is about 90 degrees away and then shoot the arrow.

Level 37: To karate chop the earth, wait until the cursor is in the green, then tap.

Level 38: To solve it, move the top piece to the bottom to make a piece of toast.

Level 39: To draw it, hold the screen to draw but avoid the green bar.

Level 40: To pick a pipe, take into account that the water will turn at each pipe (like an old Super Mario Land minigame). Pipe 1 is the right choice here.

Level 41: Just tap the ice creams until each one of them is the same color.

Level 42: To eat the bread, keep the fly away from the flyswatters and fly it toward the bread three times.

Level 43: To flip and catch, flip it, then move all the way to the other side of the screen.

Level 44: To shave it, take into account that the razor moves fast, so tap when the leg is right above the razor.

Level 45: To catch apples, move the basket around and catch all seven of them.

Level 46: Just tap one color, then tap the other color over and over until they are mixed properly.

Level 47: To bounce it three times, hit the earth with your hand, then pin it up against the wall to get the rest of the hits since it won’t bounce up.

Level 48: The broken robot moves down and right correctly but left and up are reversed. Keep this in mind and control it to the flashing green tile.

Level 49: Tap the eye drop when the nozzle is right over the eye.

Level 50: Tap rapidly to suck up the snot. Tap with more than one finger to make it easy.

Level 51: To rescue the duck, cut the rope whenever the spikes pop up to make it easy to do.

Level 52: To play circle pong, swipe left and right to rotate the circle and hit the ball five times.

Level 53: To eat the donuts, rotate the bar VERY slowly and keep the two donuts next to each other at all times. You can also gently vibrate the bar with slow movements to drop the donuts.

Level 54: To separate them, move the cat paw to the opposite side of the side the object goes to, so that the cat’s arm deflects the object.

Level 55: To paw the steak, tap when the steak is about 90 degrees away from the paw.

Level 56: Eat five apples and avoid the UFO’s. The cow is a bigger target, so you have to be extra careful.

Level 57: Move the shopping cart around to collect the cans for rent money.

Level 58: To solve it, move the parts around to make a glass soda bottle.

Level 59: To pick a pipe, the correct pipe here is pipe 3.

Level 60: To shake things up on earth, move the semicircle around to bounce it but don’t deflect it sideways or it will leave the hitting area.

Level 61: Move the poop to the noses to scare them off.

Level 62: Don’t let the virus get past the sponge. Bounce it off a total of five times.

Level 63: When the monkey appears, it will drop apples, so move the bowl to catch all of the apples.

Level 64: Mix the colors the same way as all of the other color mix levels.

Level 65: Tap over and over on the girl to take off her makeup, until she becomes an alien when the bar is full.

Level 66: Tap over and over with multiple fingers to move the fist to the top, then once it’s all the way up, let go to break the ice.

Level 67: With this version of the broken robot, down is up, up is right, and right is down. Go to the flashing green square.

Level 68: To shave the leg, run the clippers over it until you get all of the hairs.

Level 69: To match all of the lollipops, just tap them individually until you make them all the same color.

Level 70: To balance it, catch all of the patties with the pan. They slide around easily, so the slower you move the pan, the faster the patties move. Balance them as close to even as possible, then hold it for about five seconds once you have all of them.

Level 71: To shake the tree, tap when the cursor is in the green and the dude will shake it.

Level 72: To cut the cheese, aim the knife so that it catches the cheese all five times. Speeds will vary wildly.

Level 73: To unlock the door, carefully aim and tap when the door starts moving from the top or bottom, back to the center, and hit the door handle with the key.

Level 74: To sort it, move the cat paw to deflect the objects with your arm, but use smaller movements because the pieces are larger.

Level 75: To match the eyes, tap each of the eight eyes until they all match in color. You can even tap multiple eyes at the same time to speed things up.

Level 76: To suck up the snot, tap it rapidly until it goes back up her nose.

Level 77: What is that? That’s a brain. Rearrange the pieces of the silhouette until they are shaped like a brain.

Level 78: To rescue the duck, cut the rope just before the dinosaur leg stomps. It’ll stomp while the duck is falling and then rise when the duck is no longer falling.

Level 79: Move the glove around and use it to catch all of the baseballs.

Level 80: To catch the egg, flip it and then move all the way to the left to catch it.

Level 81: In this case, to pick a pipe, the right choice is pipe number 2.

Level 82: Mix and match the colors in the same way as all of the other levels.

Level 83: To survive the scaly leg, move the chicken around and keep it free of the leg. Watch out for pauses and speed-ups.

Level 84: Catch the bananas whenever the monkey drops them. Be careful because they move more than the apples did.

Level 85: Swipe left and right to rotate the gloves around to protect and deflect.

Level 86: To draw the flamingo, use caution and pull up before you run over a green line. If you let go, you’ll be safe.

Level 87: Move the shapes until you make a poop emoji.

Level 88: To shoot the apples, time each shot a little bit differently depending on the speed of the apple.

Level 89: To suck up the snot, tap it rapidly again to make it go back in.

Level 90: To pop the pimples, very carefully ONLY poke the pimples. They’re small so use your phone’s zoom/accessibility function if you need to.

Level 91: To scare them away, move the flyswatter to smack all of the flies off of the screen.

Level 92: To shake the tree, wait until the cursor is in the green portion of the bar, then tap rapidly (rather than having to line the cursor up multiple times)

Level 93: To sort them, move the cat paw the same way as with the other sorting levels.

Level 94: To mark your territory, tap to plant flags in the moon. The flagpoles cannot touch, but the flags themselves can touch flagpoles or touch each other.

Level 95: To balance the pancakes, move the pan around slowly and catch all seven of them.

Level 96: With this broken robot, left is up, up is right, right is down, and down is left. Move it to the green tiles.

Level 97: Catch the bananas using the shopping cart in order to shop for the monkey.

Level 98: To eat the donuts again, gently move them around the hook, and make sure that they are right next to each other before dropping them into his mouth. You can also gently jiggle the hook if needed.

Level 99: Move the silhouette around to create the monkey.

Level 100: Flip the pancake, then run to the other side of the screen to catch it.

Level 101: For this monkey bowl, don’t catch the boogers, but do catch the cherries.

Level 102: To do the drop and catch, drop it with one tap, then catch it with the other hand with a second tap.

Level 103: To catch the flies again, tap to fork out your tongue. Time it differently for each fly because the fly at different speeds.

Level 104: To rescue the duck, cut the rope at the very moment that the spikes pop up. Any later than that and the second set of spikes will pop up and get the duck.

Level 105: Do her makeup by tapping rapidly again to turn her into a witch.

Level 106: Draw the bear but be careful of the green lines. The eyes are the danger zones here, so watch out when you draw them especially.

Level 107: This time, when you pick the pipe, pick pipe 4.

Level 108: To make magic happen, drop the bunny when the hat is pinned to the side of the screen, either the left or the right side.

Level 109: Swing the toilet paper at the poops to scare all of them away.

Level 110: Move the parts of the item around to make it into the statue of David.

Level 111: To shake the tree again, wait until the cursor is in the green and then tap rapidly to do all of the shakes that you need.

Level 112: Give both the person and the cat googly eyes by putting the eyes in their eye sockets.

Level 113: To land it, aim the motorcycle for the middle of the tires and then tap.

Level 114: To teach them balance, move the pan around again and catch all of the stockbrokers.

Level 115: To color match, tap each of the kettles until their colors are coordinated.

Level 116: Mix and match the colors the same way as before.

Level 117: Put googly eyes on the people and animals like before, but now there’s three of them instead of two.

Level 118: To thread the needle, move the hand until the string goes through the eye of the needle.

Level 119: For this broken robot, right is left, down is right, up is down, and left is up.

Level 120: To draw the rocket, be super careful because there are three green lines and they run over the entire outline. Lift your finger to avoid them.


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