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Brain Quiz 3D – Mind Puzzles: All Answers and Solutions To All Levels and Questions

Brain Quiz 3D: Mind Puzzles is a new trick question puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms by Koolben, who also made Stump Me and Stump Me 2. This games takes similar tough questions, puts them into 3D form, and gives you even more challenges to beat.

Your goal is to answer questions by finding a more complicated solution, or a deceptively simple solution, or simply thinking outside the box to answer tricky questions.

Read on for all answers and solutions to every level and question for Brain Quiz 3D: Mind Puzzles!

Level 1: To think outside of the box, put the word “think” in the thought bubble.

Level 2: For the no brainer, drag the brain off of the screen.

Level 3: To break ground, tap the words “break ground” until they disappear and the barbell smashes through the ground.

Level 4: To find him, swipe to the right or left over and over to spin the bank backwards until he shows up.

Level 5: To get ready for liftoff, tap all of the vehicles plus the wheel-shaped thing at the top of the launch structure.

Level 6: Tap all three of the zombies quickly before they get back up.

Level 7: To make the TNT explode, tap the Go sign to change it into Stop when the TNT is visible. The TNT will stop moving. Tap it to blow it up.

Level 8: To get out, swipe down to move backwards until you are out of the house.

Level 9: To capture the cow, place the cow inside of the pen with your finger.

Level 10: To melt the snowman, tap it, then swipe up and down rapidly, then when it’s spinning fast, hold your finger in place on the screen until it melts.

Level 11; What do you think about the game so far? Tap on the sword in the stone five times to add five stars. Then tap the sword again until it pulls out.

Level 12: To make it explode, swipe down on the screen until a bomb appears. Then place the bomb on top of the TNT to blow it up.

Level 13: To give her what she wants, tap the object in between the girl and the guy until it changes into a heart.

Level 14: To start your engines, swipe up on the screen until the car is centered. Then tap the car three times to start it and one more time to let it go.

Level 15: To burn text away, grab the candle and use it to burn the question itself.

Level 16: To find the hidden objects, tap on the shadows to colorize the shapes and find them.

Level 17: To give everything color, tap on the word “everything” in the question to colorize it.

Level 18: To find the chicken, swipe the entire screen from right to left until the chicken appears half-hidden behind a tree trunk.

Level 19: To blow away the flower, tap and swipe on the flower portion until all of the pedals fall off.

Level 20: To answer “what is that”, swipe up until the Statue of Liberty is fully in the screen. Then tap the torch to light it.

Level 21: To tap the apple, simply tap the word “Apple” in the question, not any of the fruit.

Level 22: Which is the largest? The earth is the largest, even through it appears smaller in the picture.

Level 23: The soda plus the corn equals the popcorn box, since “pop + corn = popcorn”

Level 24: To slice and dice, drag the apple into the axe’s path, then drag the question into the axe’s path.

Level 25: To make him run, swipe right to spin him around until he faces you, tap his leg, then tap the exclamation mark that pops up over and over.

Level 26: To help the drone take flight, turn it on by tapping the red light in the middle. When it turns green, then swipe up to make the drone fly.

Level 27: To change the season, tap on all three of the trees, then swipe from right to left to find another tree, and tap that one too.

Level 28: To put ball on box, put the ball on the box, then put the word “ball” in the question on the picture of the box.

Level 29: Blue made the cut, so press the red button to turn the red ball blue, then drag the blue ball into the path of the buzzsaw to break the blade.

Level 30: To make them all fall, use your finger to drag the apples off of the trees, then swipe right or left to turn the tree and find more apples to get rid of.

Level 31: To smash all of the gems, tap the pink ones but don’t touch the red one.

Level 32: Why is there nothing on the shelves? Tap on each of the shelves to make something appear on them.

Level 33: What’s wrong? Tap on the ladder that has cracks in the step.

Level 34: To fix the bridge, swipe the two halves of the bridge toward each other to put them together.

Level 35: To put out the flames, tap each of the bombs when they fall.

Level 36: To choose a door, pick the left door, then when the three doors appear, tap on the word “door” in the question

Level 37: To face north, turn your phone to the right do that the compass faces north.

Level 38: To activate “night life”, grab the sun and drag it down off of the screen.

Level 39: What’s behind the walls? Tap all of the walls to find out.

Level 40: To clean the city, tap all of the buildings, swipe around to find more buildings and tap them, then tap the question.

Level 41: To escape the forest, swipe backwards all the way, then swipe right all the way to find the boat, then tap the boat.

Level 42: To find the answer to the gibberish question, tap on “rewsna”.

Level 43: To make it rain, tap the middle of the ATM over and over and watch the money fall out.

Level 44: To burst the bubble, grab the bubble and swipe it up against the question.

Level 45: To capture the sheep, grab the pen and put it on the sheep.

Level 46: To make the ball swish, take the word “ball” from the question and stick it through the hoop.

Level 47: To add check to mate, put the check mark on top of the chess king.

Level 48: To rewind time, hit the skip button to make resetting appear.

Level 49: To open the chest, maneuver the key to the chest and avoid hitting any walls.

Level 50: To make him happy, swipe the emoji to the right a few times until the happy face shows up.

Level 51: To turn on the light, tap on the light bulb in the top right corner and it will turn on.

Level 52: To find your zen, swipe to the left until you find a gong, and then tap it to make your zen.

Level 53: Where is the roof? Swipe down on the screen over and over until the roof finally appears, then swipe it onto the house.

Level 54: To spill the beans, swipe the bean canister from side to side and up and down until all of the beans fall out.

Level 55: Something seems off? The lack of a level number is off, so tap the “?” where it says “Level ?”

Level 56: To reverse gravity, turn your phone upside down, but make sure that your phone is not rotation-locked or it won’t work.

Level 57: What’s up top? This is actually a skyscraper – swipe down to scroll up on the tower until you get to the top of it.

Level 58: Don’t overthink this one. To let it drop, simply move it to the side of the question so that it falls around it.

Level 59: To put it down, shake the screen until the iron bars snap off of the rope and bust through the question.

Level 60: To make the police go away, turn the car by swiping sideways on it, then swipe up on it to get it to drive off.

Level 61: To stop the thief, scroll up the Eiffel tower until you see the clown mask, then tap it. Repeat about four more times to finally catch the thief.

Level 62: To cover up the news, swipe multiple spots on the floor to get three large rock formations to come up and block the news pillar.

Level 63: To solve 1×0=10. drag the “I” out of the word “THIS” in the question and stick it next to the 0 to turn the equation into 1×10=10.

Level 64: What is the smallest? Ignore the size of the pictures; as far as the size of the actual items go, the peanut is the smallest one.

Level 65: To find the cherries, look just to the left of the avocado, in front of the watermelon on the right side. The cherries are there, so tap them.

Level 66: “What goes up”, flip the phone upside down, the barrels will fall, and the prompt will change into “Must come down!”

Level 67: To have the last laugh, wait for the brain guy to show up on screen and then tap him before he goes away.

Level 68: To take it out, tap on the question to make the word “it” fall out of the question.

Level 69: To remove all of the snow, tap the trees, then scroll around to look for more trees. Then tap them too to knock the snow off of them.

Level 70: To make the text visible, get rid of the flames by tapping on them so that they stop obscuring the text.

Level 71: Wuts wrong? The word “wuts” in the question is wrong! Tap on “wuts” to answer correctly.

Level 72: Trading post is flooding! Swipe up on the ground below the trading post to make water rise up. Raise the water level as high as possible.

Level 73: To make all of the barrels and the words fall down, shake your phone and they will all topple over.

Level 74: To solve “He impressed her”, take the word “impressed” out of the question and give it to both the guy and the girl.

Level 75: To put nothing on the shelf, put the word “nothing” out of the question onto the top of the shelf.

Level 76: Where did his party hat go? Swipe down on the screen over and over until the green crown (his party hat) appears.

Level 77: What option do you have left? Click on the options menu in the top left corner of the screen – the one that looks like a gear.

Level 78: To celebrate the holidays, swipe right on the left side of the forest to bring a Christmas Tree out from behind it.

Level 79: Only she can make him dance, so put her behind him and then tap him to make them dance.

Level 80: To fuel the jet engine, drag all of the Jerry cans over to the rocket ship.

Level 81: To find a way down, swipe right until the two platforms slide out of the way, then swipe left on the screen over and over again. The second platform will reappear and disappear again, and the third and final platform will disappear and let the key fall down.

Level 82: To remove the snow from the tree, shake the phone and all of the snow will fall off.

Level 83: To get a fresh start, ignore the water cooler and tap the reset button instead.

Level 84: To look at all of the wall art, swipe left out right to reveal the graffiti on the other side of the wall, then swipe down over and over to back up until you see another walk with graffiti on it.

Level 85: To find what’s hiding from you, move the three boxes out of the way to find a chicken behind the bottom box.

Level 86: To save the earth, throw the cigarette and the Jerry can in the trash can.

Level 87: Why made the chicken cross the road? Drag the “why” from the question to the chicken to make it cross the road.

Level 88: To find the 3D printer, take the red device on the left and smash it into the computer.

Level 89: Tap the number 6 in the question, since everything else is a 9.

Level 90: To feed the zombie, feed it both the question and the level.

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Level 91: To find the green lights, swipe around to rotate them and then try to tap each red one to change them. Only one set of red lights will be able to change, so try each set of red lights.

Level 92: To make him wave, tap him on the side of the head over and over to annoy him.

Level 93: Where’s the beans? Tap on the word “beans” to make beans fall out, then tap on the trash can that the beans fall into.

Level 94: To “read this text”, make sure that rotation lock is shut off on the phone. Then turn the phone upside down so that the text is right side up.

Level 95: To find “it”, wait for the white butterfly to show up on the screen, then tap on it.

Level 96: This level is too difficult! Tap on the level select screen to pass it.

Level 97: To find the jewels, swipe the screen down to move up the pyramid, then swipe the tree to the right and hold your finger down to make it spin super fast until the jewels fall out of it.

Level 98: To pop the bubble, swipe down on the water to drop the water level to pop it.

Level 99: To take it on road, wait until the ATV appears on screen, then tap “on” in the question to turn it off. Then tap the ATV.

Level 100: love is the answer, so tap on the two hearts at the same time with two fingers to make one heart, then put the heart on the word “answer” in the question.


Tuesday 12th of April 2022