Brain Quiz – Tricky Puzzles: All Answers and Solutions to All Questions and Levels: Full Walkthrough (UPDATED)

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Brain Quiz – Tricky Puzzles is one of the most popular new trick question and riddle games for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to answer ridiculous questions and think outside the box, solving a nearly unlimited number of riddles and questions.

You’ll have to twist and shake your phone, find hidden objects, and answer all kinds of riddles in order to progress through the game. Luckily, we’ve gathered all of the answers to the questions in this game.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Brain Quiz – Tricky Puzzles!

Level 1: The odd one out is the hand with the thumb facing to the right.

Level 2: Find the biggest vegetable by thinking about which is biggest in real life, which is the cabbage.

Level 3: To find a way to open the fifth door, look at the numbers and realize that doors for and five are reversed. Open the door that says four on it.

Level 4: What’s at the top of the list? The tape holding up the piece of paper is at the top.

Level 5: To find the inedible item, drag the pizza box out from under the pizza and tap it.

Level 6: What is the smallest number in the game screen? The answer is 6, as in “level 6”.

Level 7: can you tell me what occurs one in a year, twice in a week, but never in a day? The letter “e”.

Level 8: Simply tap on the five star rating to pass, but you don’t actually have to follow through and rate it in the App Store to pass.

Level 9: To count the toads, look closely at them. None of them are toads, they are all frogs, so put zero.

Level 10: there are a total of eight animals in the picture.

Level 11: to help get the bird materials for its nest, tap the tree over and over until everything falls out.

Level 12: The word indicated in the picture is sideshow.

Level 13: to find the smallest triangle, double tap the red triangle to turn it on its side, and then drag most of it off screen until the very tiny portion shows up as a little triangle.

Level 14: To count the balls, move all of them to reveal all of the hidden balls. There are a total of 11 of them.

Level 15: you can either press allow or don’t alow and you will pass the level either way. You don’t have to set push notifications after that.

Level 16: To put out the candles on the cake, shake the phone and all twelve of the candles will go out.

Level 17: What’s wrong with this picture? The fact that the moon is in the background when the astronaut is supposedly on the “moon”. Tap the moon in the background.

Level 18: To crack the egg, take the word crack out of the question and put it on top of the egg to break it.

Level 19: Solve To find the hidden animal’s name: bone-one +ear=bear

Level 20: Are you a millionaire? To pass this level, find a coin in the lower left hand corner that has an F on it instead of an $, then tap it.

Level 21: The clock says 6:00 now and in six hours it will say 6:00 again. It is merely a picture of a clock.

Level 22: What is the common word? Move all of the images out of the way and the word Genius is behind them, so Genius is the common word.

Level 23: To find the hidden message, move the green sign out of the way to reveal the word “message” hidden behind it.

Level 24: To help the puppy get a drink, ignore the dog bowl and move the puppy over to the puddle of water.

Level 25: To help the turtle get to the other hill, you have to shake the clouds, one at a time, in just the right way to get them to make rain.

Level 26: What is man’s most important innovation? Tap on the man to make fire appear, then tap on the fire.

Level 27: When can a horse jump over a castle, land on a man, and make the man disappear? In Chess.

Level 28: To press the rabbit, first take the hat off if the magician to find the rabbit. Then tap on it.

Level 29: To wake up the bat, grab the sun and move it down off of the screen to turn it into night.

Level 30: To make the bunny happy, ignore the video button and put your finger on the bunny for about 15-20 seconds in a row.

Level 31: Name something in the picture that you will never see again. The answer is “yesterday”.

Level 32: To figure out the lion cage’s number, just use your finger to move the lion out of the way.

Level 33: To hide the coin, place your finger on top of the coin for about ten seconds.

Level 34: To put out the fire, shake the phone over and over until the cloud makes rain and puts out the fire.

Level 35: The question says this is not a rabbit but in the picture it clearly is, so remove the word “not” out of the question.

Level 36: To find the error, tap on the word “error” in the question.

Level 37: Tap the yellow button five times and the green button twice. Ignore the tap counter because it skips numbers.

Level 38: To find Leo, look for the turtle that is facing in the opposite direction as the rest of its line, then tap it.

Level 39: in the hidden message, you are surrounded by “enemies”.

Level 40: To identify the largest rectangle, simply tap on the one that is the largest.

Level 41: What is bigger than the biggest animal yet lighter than air? A shadow.

Level 42: To find the letter P, look in the bottom right corner or so of the picture.

Level 43: Fred’s father’s fifth son is named Fred, so type that in.

Level 44: To complete the hat trick, tap on the band if the hat three times in a row.

Level 45: To find the F, ignore the picture as there are no F’s in it, then tap on the F in the question.

Level 46: The pictures are a bat, a bed, and a zzz. The common word is sleep.

Level 47: The question Is “impossible”, but tap on the “im” to make it go away and change into “possible” and for the red button to turn green. Then press it.

Level 48: The picture indicates handball.

Level 49: A father’s child, a mother’s child, yet nobody’s son. What am I? A daughter.

Level 50: To help the boy find his glove, clear out the clouds and tap the sun repeatedly to grow it and melt the snowman, revealing the glove.

Level 51: To wake the sleeping cat, put your finger over its nose until it wakes up.

Level 52: The horse is hungry, so tap on the bushes to make them go away, then when you see the carrot, feed it to the horse.

Level 53: To build a bridge, take the question and place it over the gap in the bridge.

Level 54: what’s the common word between a snail, an egg, and a turtle? A shell.

Level 55: To move two matchsticks to make 4:30, move the top horizontal match on the left square to the middle of the center square and move the left vertical match from the left square to below the left square to make a 4. Use the pic below:

Level 56: To “strike” all of the matches at once, grab the bowling ball and use it to hit all of the matches.

Level 57: What can go up and down a hill while remaining still? A road.

Level 58: To find the frog prince, hold your finger down on each frog individually to kiss them until you find the one that is the prince.

Level 59: What is man’s best friend? Tap the man to reveal a dog, then tap the dog.

Level 60: To count the grapes, move the first batch of grapes out of the way to reveal a second bunch. Then count each individual grape. There are 20 total.

Level 61: To help the bear get the honey, tap the tree about five times in order to get it.

Level 62: The two words represent the word “Firemen”

Level 63: To identify the different shape, try to move ai of the squares out of the way. One of them will move and reveal a circle. Tap the circle.

Level 64: How many robins on the screen? Shake the phone to break some of the eggs. There are a total of eight robins.

Level 65: Name an odd number that when you take away a letter, becomes even? The answer is seven. Take away the “s” and it becomes even.

Level 66: To find the egg, shake each of the chickens by grabbing and shaking them with your finger until the egg falls out of one of them.

Level 67: to make Shorty the cat feel better, tap it on the head multiple times in order to pet it.

Level 68: How many cats are there? No tricks, there are nine cats.

Level 69: the two cooking pans in the cart are the items that are bought but not eaten.

Level 70: the common word for all four of the pictures is “party“.

Level 71: You just bought a rabbit at a pet store. The rabbit can breed once every month, and deliver 7 babies at a time. How many rabbits do you have after 10 months? One rabbit, it takes two to breed.

Level 72: to solve the math problem, double tap the nine ball until it flips over and turns into six. 6+11+13 = 30.

Level 73: What is black when it’s new, red while it’s being used, and gray after it’s been used? Coal.

Level 74: No tricks here. The farmer has a total of 10 horses.

Level 75: to tap the tomato, tap the word tomato in the question.

Level 76: To water the flowers, throw all of the rocks down the well in order to make it overflow.

Level 77: In order to turn off the light, swipe left on the lightbulb in order to unscrew it.

Level 78: what word describes arms, legs, and tree branches? “Limbs”.

Level 79: To help him get across the bridge, let him fall once, then when the elephant is standing still, tap and swipe up on the man to lift him off of the elephant so he can walk across the bridge himself.

Level 80. To help the man fish, move the rock to reveal a worm. Then give the man the worm.

Level 81: What can you add to a 15 pound barrel to make it weigh nothing? A hole, so type “hole”.

Level 82: To stop time, simply sit and do nothing for 10 seconds and the stage will pass automatically.

Level 83: To put everything in the suitcase, put all the items in plus the question.

Level 84: to figure out what word we are looking for, move the pictures out of the way in order to find the word “word“. Tap the word, don’t write it.

Level 85: Which feather is different? The word feather in the question.

Level 86: all of the images in the question represent the word “spotlight”.

Level 87: Which color appears most? The color white in the background.

Level 88: Can you find the hidden stars? Grab the sun and stick it behind the mountains to turn it into night and make stars appear.

Level 89: what only works with something in its eye? A needle.

Level 90: To pop that corn, put your finger on the red button and hold it for about five seconds.

Level 91: to find the bird, simply wait for about 10 seconds and it will come out of the tree.

Level 92: To get the champagne into the glass, grab it with your finger and shake it vigorously.

Level 93: what’s the common word for all of these pictures? The common word is “pack“.

Level 94: What can be put in a glass but never taken back out? A crack.

Level 95: The compound word indicated by the pictures is fishbowl.

Level 96: Name something you can always count on? Fingers, because you can count on them literally.

Level 97: The compound word represented by the pictures is “eggplants“

Level 98: what gets wet as it dries? A towel.

Level 99: What’s the common word? The word that describes both numbers and fingers is “digits“.

Level 100: what can’t be used until it’s broken? An egg.

Level 101: what is the common word between a fishing line and shapes? Angle.

Level 102: What lives in the cold, dies in the heat, and grows from the top down? Icicle.

Level 103: what’s the common word for milk, cheese, and ice cream? Dairy.

Level 104: this fruit grows on a vine with bunches of its friends. Grape.

Level 105: what’s the common word? Broken.

Level 106: what stands on four legs and keeps you off the floor? Chair.

Level 107: what is the common word? Birthday.

Level 108: what opens many doors and most locks? Key.

Level 109: What has a bed but does not sleep in a bank with no money to keep? River.

Level 110: Without resting on it, this stretches across waters. Bridge.

Level 111: not specific but more than a few = Bunch.

Level 112: The home for flying birds and shining stars is the Sky.

Level 113: name a place for your head when you rest in bed? Hello.

Level 114: I went into the garden and got it, came in and cried because of it. It’s an onion.

Level 115: I look the same upside down and backwards. What am I? “Swims”

Level 116: I turn once. What is out will not get in. I turn again. What is in will not get out. What am I? A “key”.

Level 117: What is deaf, dumb, and blind, but always tells the truth? A mirror.

Level 118: How many eggs can you put in an empty basket? One, then it’s no longer empty.

Level 119: What is poked through an eye that can never go blind? Thread.

Level 120: Half my life I live and die the rest, dancing without music and breathing without breath. What am I? Fire.

Level 121: What baby is born with whiskers? Kitten.

Level 122: What can run but not walk? Water.

Level 123: What twinkles when it is alive and expands when it dies? A star.

Level 124: What can run but not walk? A nose.

Level 125: What carries a ring but has no finger? A phone.

Level 126: What causes the cause of mankind’s fall to fall? Gravity.

Level 127: I move faster than sound and give you sight. What am I? Light.

Level 128: What flies all day without going anywhere? Flag.

Level 129: What makes more as you take them? Footsteps.

Level 130: With hundreds of arms and thousands of fingers, What has no eyes to see what lingers? A tree.

Level 131: What is very light but cannot be lifted? Bubble.

Level 132: What is shaped like a box, has no feet, but runs up and down? Elevator.

Level 133: What can you put in your pocket that will make it empty? A hole.

Level 134: these go in dry and come out wet. The longer they stay in, the softer they become. Noodles.

Level 135: Where can you add nine to six and get three? On a clock.

Level 136: Who is your mother’s father’s wife? your grandma.

Level 137: If you dig a hole 4 feet square and 4 feet deep, how much dirt is in it? None.

Level 138: What is too much for one, just right for two, and not enough for three? A secret.

Level 139: with one simple clock and one simple flash, I create a memory that lasts. What am I? A photo.

Level 140: Without a voice, this rings loud and clear. What is it? A bell.

Level 141: I’m often plowed but never planted. What am I? Snow.

Level 142: Whoever makes me can hear me, but to all else I am silent. What am I? A thought.

Level 143: What can turn without moving? Milk.

Level 144: what is climbed, cut, and burned, and has rings that tell its age? A tree.

Level 145: often a token of love it constantly bands. It has no beginning and no end. What is it? A ring.

Level 146: what can be cracked, made, told, and played? A joke.

Level 147: It’s the wonder at dawn; air becomes water. What is it? Dew.

Level 148: what word pronounced wrong is right but pronounced right is wrong? “Wrong“.

Level 149: Two is company and three is a crowd, but what is four and five? Nine.

Level 150: what grows down as it grows up? Goose.

Level 151: this helps ships sail in kites fly. What is it? Wind.

Level 152: Green but smaller than a tree, I grow and people sit on me. What am I? Grass.

Level 153: You look into it while you look out of it. What is it? Mirror.

Level 154: You wear it on the nose and it helps people see. What is it? Glasses.

Level 155: Take a female horse and chop off its tail. Now turn it around for a sheep that is male. What is it? Ram.

Level 156: I am not a key but something else that grants injury. What am I? Password.

Level 157: I am the ear that cannot hear. What am I? Corn.

Level 158: it’s a yellow ball that never appears at night. What is it? Sun.

Level 159: what can you hold without touching or using your hands? Breath.

Level 160: for what person do all men take off their hats? The barber.

Level 161: buckets, barrels, baskets, cans, what do you feel with empty hands? Gloves.

Level 162: What disappears once you speak its name? Silence.

Level 163: this is two times bigger than a quarter but two times smaller than a whole. Half.

Level 164: what comes down but never goes up? Rain.

Level 165: what does not exist but has a name nonetheless? Nothing.

Level 166: What is often full but never overflowing? The moon.

Level 167: name a product of fire that can neither be caught nor brought. Smoke.

Level 168: What does not get any wetter no matter how much it rains? The ocean.

Level 169: What goes further the slower it goes? Money.

Level 170: Look at the numbers written in my face and you will not find 13 written any place. What am I? Clock.

Level 171: What do people make but cannot see? Noise.

Level 172: What goes round and round the wood but never goes in? Bark.

Level 173: Name the collection of faces that jingle in your purse: Coins.

Level 174: What sings back after you call? An echo.

Level 175: What asks no questions but always demands answers? A phone.

Level 176: If one strand angles and two strands twist, with three or more you can do this: Braid.

Level 177: What does a butcher weigh? Meat.

Level 178: What is the only animal with four legs that wears shoes? A horse.

Level 179: What can be right but never wrong? An angle.

Level 180: What goes up but does not move? Stairs.

Level 181: How can you make a fire with just one stick? A match.

Level 182: What runs through the city, county, and town without moving on the ground? A road.

Level 183: This comes with shade but makes things brighter: Lamp.

Stay tuned for the rest of the answers to Brain Quiz – Tricky Puzzles!

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