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Brain Up 2: All Answers and Solutions to All Levels, Stages, and Questions

Level 1: Which one is the largest out of all of these? Ignore the image size; in real life, the plane is the biggest, so tap the plane.

Level 2: How many different kinds of fruit are there? There’s a total of 8; for some reason, the game counts corn as a fruit.

Level 3: Which is the lightest? The iron ball with 1kg on it is the lowest weight.

Level 4: Guess who got hit? Take off all of their glasses and look for who has bruised up black eyes. That’s the one who got hit.

Level 5: How do you make the green pencil shorter? Move part of the back of the green pencil off of the screen so it looks shorter.

Level 6: How many triangles are in this graph? There are a total of 10 triangles.

Level 7: To find the biggest fish, have the big fish eat all of the little fish, then tap on the big fish when it grows to a gigantic size.

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Level 8: How many candies are in the box? Move the box out of the way to find out. There are a total of 6 candies in the box.

Level 9: How many points do you give the game? Tap on any box you want to; they all mean the same thing, basically.

Level 10: To drive out the werewolf, grab the full moon and drag it off of the screen to turn him back into a human being.

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Level 11: 1=10, 2=21, etc. but 10=1, since 1 already equals 10.

Level 12: To click the animals from big to small, tap the whale, elephant, rabbit, chick, and mosquito. The sphinx is obviously not an animal.

Level 13: What will you do when you see 2 pieces of money on the ground? Tap both of them at the same time with two fingers.

Level 14: To find the ring that was stolen by the thief, grab the thief with your finger and then shake him up and down until the ring falls out of his pocket.

Level 15: To find the green potion, drag the blue potion over to the yellow potion (not the other way around) to make green.

Level 16: How many wool can sheep have? Pull the wool off to count the real number of hair. The answer is 3, all on its head.

Level 17: How to avoid the ice melting? Put the pink quilt over the ice to stop it from melting.

Level 18: To make the equation work, change 7+3+9=3 into 7-3+9=13.

Level 19: How do you make a happy face? Take the face and put the red part of the watermelon slice on his mouth to give him a smile.

Level 20: To beat the hamster, tap on all three of the holes at the same time with three fingers at a time.

Level 21: What will you do if the cave is too cold? Drag the guy out of the cave. No need to use any matches or the magnifying glass.

Level 22: 26 letters were shopping together and D was lost. Who finally saw D? AB did, because ABCD (A and B see D)

Level 23: To park the car over there, use two fingers to lift up the rock, making it disappear, then tap the car to make it drive to the other side.

Level 24: To count all of the candies, break the jar by shaking and tapping it, then start moving candies around outside of the jar to find the hidden ones. There are 11 total candies.

Level 25: To find the hidden heart shape, back the tail of the dove up against the base of the vine to make it a heart.

Level 26: Three women with two daughters apiece need seven chairs – there’s a grandma, two daughters (who are also mothers) and four granddaughters.

Level 27: How many people are there? Zoom in on the ship to see the true count. There are 9 people total.

Level 28: To work out the final answer, bananas are worth one apiece (a bunch of four is worth 4), grapes are worth 1 per single grape, and apples are worth one apiece. 7 grapes, 4 bananas and 1 apple are worth 12.

Level 29: A black hole can destroy everything, so drag everything including the question into the black hole in order to destroy it.

Level 30: To turn on the TV, put one finger on either end of the broken wire to conduct electricity and make the TV work.

Stay tuned for more answers as Brain Up 2 gets more questions added!


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