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BrainSurfing (Brain Surfing): All 139+ Answers and Solutions For All Levels and Questions

BrainSurfing, or Brain Surfing, is a new iOS and Android trick question puzzle game where you have to answer ridiculous questions, figure out how the game is trolling you, and think outside of the box to come up with the solutions.

You’ll have to answer math problems, figure out alternate answers to seemingly obvious questions, move and shake your phone, and think of an answer that’s sometimes more complicated and sometimes more simple than what you otherwise might go with.

Read on for all of the answers and solutions to every level in BrainSurfing, or Brain Surfing!

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Level 1: the giraffe is the highest in real life, so tap the giraffe.

Level 2: When it says to find the smallest number, it’s talking about font size. The number 592 has the smallest font, so tap that one.

Level 3: Which one is closest to us? The sun; it’s closest to the word “us“ in the question.

Level 4: How many pineapples are on the table? Zero, because there is no table.

Level 5: How many puppies are there? Drag puppies around with your fingers in order to reveal hidden puppies, then move the clear button to reveal a small puppy behind it. Then move that puppy to reveal more hidden puppies. The answer is nine.

Level 6: To wake up Jack, tap on the phone to make the phone alarm go off.

Level 7: which one will lose? The crab, because all that it can do is walk sideways.

Level 8: to lay eggs, swipe left on the rooster to make the hand up here, then tap the hen and it will lay eggs.

Level 9: which hand is most like the one that the boy outstretched? The other hand that is in his pocket, so tap that one.

Level 10: just rate the game. You don’t have to leave a rating in the App Store though.

Level 11: Jack forgot to bring an umbrella, so help him by moving the clouds out of the way of the sun. Use your fingers to drag them out of the way.

Level 12: To help the pony cross the river, drag the river to the other side of the pony.

Level 13: To help the bride to find the ring, start tapping the eggs in the basket, and one of them will break open to review a ring inside.

Level 14: Which direction does the finger point? Tapping left, because the finger is pointing to the button that says left.

Level 15: To make the bat come out, grab the sun with your finger and drag it all the way down and to the left until it’s off the screen. When it becomes night, the bat will show up. Then tap it.

Level 16: To click on three numbers that add up to 10, click on 8, 1, 1. You can click the same number twice.

Level 17: Who should not show up? The mouse, because it will be eaten by all of the other animals on the screen.

Level 18: To remember what order to click the letters in, screen capture the screen and then refer back to it whenever you need to.

Level 19: To let the child finish everything, feed it to Apple, the carrot, and the word “everything“.

Level 20: To click in ascending order, click alphabetically. Click apple, banana, then the other fruit.

Level 21: when the third bulb comes on, tap the word stop in the question.

Level 22: to click the hamburger above the text, move the word text below the hamburger, then tap the hamburger.

Level 23: To let the red car win, take the word “red” out of the question and drop it on one of the cars. That car will then race across the finish line

Level 24: To help the frozen bear, move the clouds out of the way to reveal the sun and defrost the iceberg. The beer will come out.

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Level 25: To find the passcode, use the mirror image of the word error. In the mirror, error looks like 70,773.

Level 26: To click on the slowest car, click in the car in the question, because it’s not moving.

Level 27: How many apples are there? To kill all the apples, move the apples out of the way to reveal hidden ones. There are a total of 10 apples.

Level 28: To make the equation 2+6=11 true, Flip your phone over to turn the equation into 11=9+2.

Level 29: A 5 mm thick piece of paper, folded five times, is 0.01 thick. Doesn’t make sense, but that’s the answer.

Level 30: To go to the next level, tap the fast-forward button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Level 31: To pop all the balloons, drag them against the settings gear in at the top left corner of the screen.

Level 32: To wake up the bat, drag the sun off of the lower left corner of the screen all the way until it becomes night.

Level 33: To hide the kitten, move it all the way off of the screen.

Level 34: To find out where the car is parked, move the car out of the way to see the number underneath. The number is five.

Level 35: To find a toilet for Jack, drag the dress on the women’s bathroom sign to turn it into a men’s bathroom sign.

Level 36: To do the math problem, put all three lines of the equation on one line. 1+1+12+2+2+23+3+3=47.

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Level 37: To find the stars, shake the phone to make them appear over the head of the animals, then tap them.

Level 38: To tap the fruit from smallest to biggest, tap the grape, then the apple, then the watermelon. Potatoes are not fruit so don’t tap it.

Level 39: To figure out how many cups have water? Turn the phone upside down to dump water out of the cups that have it.

Level 40: Click on the card six times. The card looks like a 9, but it’s actually upside down.

Level 41: To compose the smallest number, drag the period into the number. It’s 2.57.

Level 42: To help the crow drink water, move it up to the cloud with the water inside it.

Level 43: To help Jack with a nosebleed, turn the phone upside down to make the blood go back inside of his nose.

Level 44: to light up the lightbulb, put your fingers on either side of the blue frayed wire.

Level 45: To balance the scale, take all of the animals off of it and it will be even.

Level 46: To answer what time it is now, put in the current time on your phone, but in military time. For example, 2:46 PM is 14:46.

Level 47: Which one is the longest? Click the month that has the most letters in the name. September is the longest.

Level 48: how many of them are different? Six; two eyes, two antennas, and two legs.

Level 49: To find the circle, tap on the period in the question, which is actually a circle itself.

Level 50: what’s heavier, a kilogram of cotton or a kilogram of iron? They’re both the same. Tap on both at the same time.

Level 51: To help Mary, tap the tiger platform’s rope first, then the middle platform with the cop on it second, then the top left rope with the spiked trap attached third, then Mary’s rope fourth.

Level 52: To give the answers based on calculations, ignore the wrong equations and give the right answer. 7+9=16.

Level 53: To turn off the lights, put the phone screen side down and the light will be hidden from view, thus meaning that it will be turned off. (note: this level is glitchy so if it doesn’t work, use the skip button to pass it)

Level 54: To count how many black spots there are, look at the one in the question, which is the period. There is only one black spot – the image is an optical illusion.

Level 55: To point the arrow at you, place the arrow underneath the word “you” in the question.

Level 56: Which glass of water is the most/biggest? Put all four of the glasses on top of each other to merge them together into one giant glass, then tap it.

Level 57: To let them stop crying, tap and drag on the cookie to break it in half so that both the rabbit and the beaver can have it.

Level 58: To play the cards from small to big, tap on the 2, 4, 6, 8, and K. 6 is upside down, but don’t confuse it for a 9.

Level 59: To tap the food in order, tap the apple, then the cherries, then the bananas. The order is how many fruit there are in the picture.

Level 60: Where is the Pacific? Tap on “The Pacific” in the question to answer it right since there is no way to get it to appear on the earth.

Level 61: How long does it take for the two candles to be the same length? Four hours, because at that point both candles are completely melted down to a length of 0.

Level 62: To compose the highest values, tap on both of the zeroes to make an infinity symbol, then tap the button on the right (supposed to be the OK button, but they forgot to translate it out of Chinese)

Level 63: To get them to stop crying, turn the phone upside down. Make sure your phone isn’t rotation-locked because if it is, then this solution won’t work.

Level 64: To serve each plate with a hamburger, take the word hamburger out of the question and put it on the empty plate.

Level 65: To turn off the stuck game console, move the console out of the way and you’ll find a plug behind it. Pull out the plug by pulling on it with your finger to turn the console off.

Level 66: To figure out which bottle/can is not coke, shake the phone to shake up the cokes, then tap the one that doesn’t explode.

Level 67: To find the snowman, move the bottom right gas mask out of the way by dragging it with your finger, and the snowman will be underneath it. Then tap the snowman to pass the level.

Level 68: To find the banana, move the bananas out of the way until you find a hidden banana that hasn’t been peeled yet. Then tap that banana, since it’s the only one that’s different.

Level 69: To wake up the sleeping bat, turn your phone upside down and it will wake up, since bats sleep upside down, and turning the phone will put the bat right side up. Rotation lock on your phone must be turned off.

Level 70: To help the bride find the ring, take the bag of food and feed it to the baby ducks. One of them will poop out the ring.

Level 71: To lower the elevator, drag the word “elevator” out of the question and move it down below the picture of the elevator.

Level 72: To tap the “left” cat, drag the screen to the left and you’ll find another cat off the screen to the right. Tap on the cat that was previously off of the screen.

Level 73: To smash the fly, tap and hold the fly with your finger. The flyswatter will follow your finger and smash the fly while your finger is holding it own.

Level 74: To find the pentagon, put the triangle on top of the square to make a five-sided shape.

Level 75: To make the bunny stop crying, put the spilled ice cream on top of the ice cream cone and the bunny will be happy.

Level 76: To shoot at the target from right to left, turn the phone upside down so that the target is on the left and the arrow is on the right, then tap on the arrow to shoot it.

Level 77: To put out the fire, tap on the fire alarm cover multiple times to break the glass, then tap the button underneath the glass.

Level 78: To help the mouse escape, zoom out on it with two fingers to shrink it, then move it in between the two walls to get it away from the cat.

Level 79: Who is the camera taking the picture of? Nobody, because it’s a phone and not a camera, so tap “all wrong”.

Level 80: Which of the following cannot be eaten? All of the choices are food items, but the plate underneath the cheeseburger can’t be eaten, so tap on the plate.

Level 81: To find food to eat, take the poop emoji and put it on top of the diamond, and it will become ice cream, which is something that, of course, you can eat.

Level 82: To win the tic tac toe game against Jack, tap on the bottom left and bottom right corners at the same time with two fingers to place O’s in both of them and get three in a row.

Level 83: To find the different cat, shake the phone and one of the cats will fall down dizzy. Tap the one that fell down.

Level 84: Which one out of the selection of animals is different? It’s the snail, because the snail is the only one that cannot jump.

Level 85: To make the equation 7-7=18-3 correct, drag the match out of the middle of 18 to make it 10, then move it below the first minus sign to make it 7=7=10-3.

Level 86: To make a trapezoid, drag the triangle partially off of the right side of the screen to make the right point disappear, thus making it into a trapezoid.

Level 87: To make 1+0.2+0.8=7 correct, drag the bottom of the 1 to the bottom of the 7 and the 7 will turn into a 2.

Level 88: To smash the noisy mosquito, put a finger on the screen and the mosquito will fly over to it. Without lifting that finger, use another finger to smash it.

Level 89: Which one is the shortest? No tricks here, February is the shortest because it has the least amount of days.

Level 90: To make the blue boat win, hold down on the red and green boats with one finger each to stop them from moving, then tap go to make the blue boat go.

Level 91: To spin the windmill, spin your phone multiple times with the screen facing you, and the windmill will then start spinning on its own.

Level 92: To light all of the candles, drag the candle without a wick on it off of the left side of the screen, then use the match to light the other two candles.

Level 93: How many holes are in the t-shirt? The hole in the middle is in both the front and back. Counting the neck, sleeves, and waist, there are a total of six holes.

Level 94: To make the equation 4-7=6 correct, move the top left match out of the 4 and put it on top of the minus sign to make the equation into -1+7=6.

Level 95: How many triangles are there? Counting big triangles that contain smaller triangles, there are a total of 13 triangles.

Level 96: Where is the car parked? Flip the phone upside down to see the actual sequence of numbers. The car is parked on top of the number 87.

Level 97: At least how many matches can be moved to make it a 1? The matches have to be moved to say “ONE”, not the number 1, so you have to move a total of 4 matches to make it say ONE.

Level 98: To mix two colors inside of the test tube, put your finger over the top in order to prevent the liquid from spilling out, then shake the phone to mix the colors.

Level 99: To make 68>91 correct, flip the phone over to make the equation into 16

Level 100: To complete the Sudoku, make it look like this:


Level 101: Which one is dressed as a man? Wipe the lower-right one's face to wipe his makeup off.

Level 102: What is wrong with the paintings? The rabbit's tail, the pig's ears, the end of the elephant's trunk, and the chicken's feet.

Level 103: How many curves are there? 0, it is an optical illusion.

Level 104: Which color is the most in the picture? White.

Level 105: At least how many moves to make an inverted triangle? Zero, because you can just turn the icture.

Level 106: One person is so boring! Long press the girl and then hit copy to make another of her.

Level 107: To fix the broken bulb, drag the hint bulb down from the top right corner and use it to replace the broken bulb.

Level 108: To open the video to watch the game, put the mouse arrow on the play button and then tap it.

Level 109: How many differences are there? There is only one difference, which is the number in the picture.

Level 110: To put the blue book on top of the red book, put your phone down on its face.

Level 111: Who do you think is the most beautiful person? Tap on "you" in the question.

Level 112: To make the equation 5+6=6 true, drag the 5+ off of the screen to make it 6=6.

Level 113: Which letter is the cutest? Tap on the letter "U" on the board.

Level 114: How many colors of paint are there? Three- everything else is just a blend of the primary colors.

Level 115: To enter a password to unlock the next level, drag the word "password" out of the question onto the calculator.

Level 116: what is the fastest way for Jack to go from 195 pounds to 95 pounds? Drag the 1 out of the 195.

Level 117: The cat is hungry, so drag the stick across the flat wood to make a fire, then move the fire under the bowl to make a fish jump out.

Level 118: Which book is thicker? Tilt your phone to the left to find out.

Level 119: To give the answer to 7sinxcosx/7ncosx=?, remove all commonalities from both the numerator and the denominator. Once done, the answer is six.

Level 120: Which puppy is different? Drag your finger across the puppies until one of them reveals itself as a cat.

Level 121: To move three circles to make the triangle upside down, move the top circle to the bottom and the bottom left and bottom right circles to the top left and top right.

Level 122: The crow wants to drink water, so tap the rock to break it, then put the four pieces of the rock into the glass to move the water to the top

Level 123: How to balance the seesaw? Move the guy on the left slightly to the right.

Level 124: To drag the red into the frame, drag the word "red" out of the question into the frame.

Level 125: Who is the real stewardess? Shake the phone and the one that doesn't get dizzy is the real stewardess.

Level 126: Which rope will not? Figure out which one won't simply go straight if you pull it. It's the top right one.

Level 127: How many differences are there? This time, there are zero differences.

Level 128: Help the students. 99+29=? The answer is the level number, so tap on the number 128 at the top of the screen.

Level 129: Who works hardest? The panda.

Level 130: To make the equation true, move the match and change 6+4=4 to 8-4=4.

Level 131: To give the answer, count the total holes in the four digits. 6068 is 5, so 8080 is 6.

Level 132: What is the average person's body temperature? Put your finger on the base of the thermometer to find out.

Level 133: To shoot the basketball, tap the hoop to knock it down, then tap the basketball player to shoot a basket.

Level 134: To don't click, simply keep your finger off of the screen for 5-10 seconds.

Level 135: To play golf, zoom in on the hole to increase its size and then tap the golf ball to hit it.

Level 136: To click it when the duck appears, click the word "it" in the question.

Level 137: How many real birds are there? Shake the phone and then count the ones that are left after some fly away.

Level 138: What is the fastest way to make the impossible possible? Drag the "im" out of the question to make impossible possible, literally.

Level 139: Which duck is fake? Zoom in on both of the ducks, and the fake duck, which is actually a balloon, will explode.


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