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BrainSurfing2 (Brain Surfing2): All Answers and Solutions for All Levels and Questions

Level 1: Who works only one day out of the year? Santa Claus does – he works on Christmas!

Level 2: Please help the duck return to the green house and the chicken return to the red house. Put the chick with webbed feet into the green house (that’s the duck) and the chick with non-webbed feet into the red house (that’s the chicken).

Level 3: Who is the man dressed as the woman? Swipe up on the faces of the characters until you wipe the makeup off of one of their faces. It’s the one with the pink hair.

Level 4: Where is orange? Merge the red ball on top of the yellow ball to make an orange ball appear.

Level 5: Jack is looking for the toilet. To find one for him, swipe the toilet to the left to find a men’s one to the right, then tap the sign.

Level 6: How do you make them familiar quickly? Tap the guy on the left and slide him to the right until he is right next to the woman.

Level 7: How do you rescue the monkey? Grab the bamboo stick that’s hiding behind the forest, then place it between the monkey and the gold emblem on the mountain.

Level 8: What is wrong with the painting? The chicken has webbed feet, the rabbit’s tail, the elephant’s trunk, and the pig’s ears. Tap all four of them.

Level 9: To complete Pi Repeat, tap 3.141592653589793238462643383279 or take a screen capture of the question and then copy it from the image you took.

Level 10: How many stars do you score for the game? Just put any number you want to, you’ll pass either way.

Level 11: To tilt the seesaw to the left, move the kid on the left side over to the right side of the seesaw.

Level 12: Which color is the most in the picture? White, because it appears more than all of the others.

Level 13: At least how many steps to generate an inverted triangle? Zero steps, because you can generate one simply by turning your phone upside down.

Level 14: You can either choose extra rewards or decide not to choose them.

Level 15: One person is so boring! Long press the girl until a button saying COPY pops up, then tap the button to make another of her.

Level 16: Which one has the manufacturing date and expiration date on the same day? The newspaper because a new edition is published every day.

Level 17: A rabbit pulls a carrot in 1 minute. How many can it pull in 10 minutes? 0, because there are no carrots in the picture.

Level 18: To “run the end”, drag the guy over the word “end” but leave “Run the” uncovered.

Level 19: How to drive across the platform? Make sure your phone rotation lock is off, then tilt your phone to the right to make the rock fall off. Then tap the car to make it cross.

Level 20: How do you do it if the bulb is broken? Take the bulb out of the top right corner of the screen and place it on the broken bulb.

Level 21: You just break it when you run into it. What is it? Tap the guy on the right.

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Level 22: To open the video, move the mouse arrow on the screen to the play button in the picture.

Level 23: To keep quiet, go to the game settings and turn off the sound, then go back to the level to pass automatically.

Level 24: Which balloon is the biggest? Zoom in on all of them with two fingers each to increase their size, then tap the one whose size increases the most.

Level 25: Which part is exactly the same color in everyone? Tap the blood in the blood transfusion bag.

Level 26: To help the monkey break free from the bottom of the mountain, swipe up on the “000” in “1,000KG” to turn it into 1KG.

Level 27: I do not want to see you. Turn the phone screen-side down to pass this level.

Level 28: How many differences are there? One difference – “Figure 1” vs “Figure 2”.

Level 29: There are three sheep on the subway and the wolf comes up halfway. How many are there? Still three – they haven’t escaped.

Level 30: To drop this phone, don’t ACTUALLY drop the phone. Instead, put the phone face down on a surface for a few seconds and you will pass the level.

Level 31: What to do if a bear is chasing you? Tap on the top left picture of the boy playing dead, since that is what you should do.

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Level 32: To click all of the numbers in order, screen capture the question, then refer back to the screen capture after all of the numbers in the order disappear. Or write the order down, or just use your memory.

Level 33: To complete the parking game, move the blue car out of the top right spot and place the yellow car into it instead. Drag both of them with your fingers.

Level 34: To put the blue book in front of the red book, place your phone face down on the screen.

Level 35: Who do you think is the most beautiful person? Tap on the word “you” in the question – it’s you who is the most beautiful!

Level 36: What can climbers not do? Tap on the image of the hill with spikes coming out of it on the top right side of the screen.

Level 37: At least how many times do you have to cut an apple into 8 pieces? The answer is 3 times – two pieces, then four pieces, then eight pieces.

Level 38: To “swipe left to unlock”, grab both sides of the bar and turn your fingers as if you’re rotating the screen to the left. The bar will go to the right but then you will pass.

Level 39: To hit the gophers, simply stop the head of the hammer directly over each one of the three gophers.

Level 40: What’s the average person’s body temperature? Place your finger on top of the base of the thermometer for about five seconds.

Level 41: To have a rest, put your phone down screen-side down on a surface or simply hold it screen-side down.

Level 42: How many sheep can the wolf eat? Zero, as there is an overprotective male sheep inside of the house.

Level 43: Don’t let the puppy find the kitten’s potato chips! Place the kitten on the chair in front of the potato chips to hide them.

Level 44: The teacher asked the animals to get honey. Who didn’t get it? The bear didn’t get honey.

Level 45: To make the equation 5+6=6 true, drag the 5+ off of the screen to turn it into the true equation 6=6.

Level 46: Think about how much it would cost to fly from Beijing to Paris. The answer is 0 – it costs zero to THINK about flying.

Level 47: To send the animals home, put the rabbit at the base of the tree, stand the squirrel on the rabbit’s head, then put the bird in the nest. The birdhouse remains empty.

Level 48: To find the differences, tap the top cloud, the bird on the far right, the table between the two chairs, and the trunk of one of the palm trees.

Level 49: Jack can’t read the words of the book, so take the rag and wipe off the eyes of his glasses so that he can see.

Level 50: Who is the cutest of the following English letters? U is the cutest, meaning “you are the cutest”.

Level 51: How many curves are there? 0, the question is an optical illusion.

Level 52: To make 5+6=6 true again, swipe on the 5+ and erase it off of the screen with your finger.

Level 53: To snap shot the duck, move the TV grid up until it surrounds the duck in the title, then hit the snap shot button. Ignore the other two ducks.

Level 54: How many sheep can the wolf eat? Move the house to find a couple of hidden sheep. The answer is seven.

Level 55: Jack’s kitten caught a mouse in herry’s house. Who should the mouse belong to? The kitten, so tap “kitten” in the question.

Level 56: How many colors of paint are there? Three colors – red, green, blue. Everything else is a variation thereof.

Level 57: What can Hercules never lift? Tap on Hercules himself, because he can’t lift himself up.

Level 58: To not hit the bullseye of the target, drag the target out of the way and then tap the arrow in order to fire it.

Level 59: To enter password to unlock the next level, drag the word “password” out of the question and into the screen of the calculator.

Level 60: To smash the egg, move the brick pedestal under it upward with one finger and the egg will crack.

Level 61: To make Lily smile, zoom out on her face with two of your fingers and her misplaced frown will change into a smile.

Level 62: To find the sun, tap on the words “the sun” in the question, since the sun is not in the picture.

Level 63: To shoot a basket, swipe down on the basketball hoop to knock it over and then tap the guy to shoot a basket into it.

Level 64: To not let others see your toys, move the teddy bear on top of the treasure chest, then tap on the treasure chest to close it.

Level 65: What is the fastest way to drop Jack down from 195 pounds to 95 pounds? Swipe on the 1 in the question to change 195 into 95.

Level 66: The cat is hungry. Move the pointy piece of wood onto the flat piece of wood to make a fire using friction, then put the flame under the water bowl to make a fish pop out.

Level 67: What do you do if the lamp is broken? Take the lightbulb out of the top right corner of the screen and place it on top of the broken lightbulb in the lamp to replace it.

Level 68: Which of the two books is thicker? Tilt your phone 90 degrees to the left to see how thick each one of the books is, then tap on the thicker one.

Level 69: How do you pick up jack? Pick up and drop the rock three times to break a hole the size of the rock into the dirt, then tap on the car to drive over the rock and to the other side.

Level 70: What comes often but never really? Tap on the calendar day that says “tomorrow”.

Level 71: To pack the house into the magic box, enlarge the size of the box by zooming in on it with two fingers at a time. If it doesn’t work the first time, keep trying until it does.

Level 72: To beat “don’t click”, just don’t click on the screen for about five seconds, then you will pass the level.

Level 73: To give the answer to 7sinxcosx/7ncosx, get rid of all of the common variables and the only leftover will be “six”.

Level 74: How many possibilities are there for the development of the surface of a cube? There are a total of 11 different possibilities.

Level 75: How can a wooden stick be placed on the ground so that nobody can cross it? Tilt your phone to the left and the stick will fall down to the wall and you’ll pass.

Level 76: Which of the four puppies is different? Swipe up on the puppies until the puppy costume comes off of one of them and a cat is revealed underneath.

Level 77: To move the circles until the triangle is upside down, move the top circle to the bottom, move the bottom right circle to the top right, and move the bottom left circle to the top left.

Level 78: The crow wants to drink water, so to enable that, tap the stone to break it up, then place pieces of it in the cup until the water reaches the top.

Level 79: To beat beautiful necklace, place the rabbit under the left, the dog under the middle, then the cat under the right necklace.

Level 80: How do you balance the seesaw? Move the guy on the left toward the middle until the seesaw balances out.

Level 81: A piece of paper 0.01cm thick, folded five times, is then how thick? Still 0.01cm, so tap that in the question to pass the level.

Level 82: To drag the photo into the frame, drag the word “the photo” into the empty frame and ignore the picture.

Level 83: To play golf, zoom out on the hole to enlarge it greatly, then tap on the ball to knock it into the hole.

Level 84: Who is the real stewardess? Shake the phone, and the real stewardess is the only one who doesn’t end up dizzy.

Level 85: To click it when the duck appears, click the word “it” in the question when the duck appears.

Level 86: How many real birds are there? Only two of the birds are real.

Level 87: Which rope can be knotted? The one on the top right is the one that can be knotted.

Level 88: How many differences are there? The right answer is 0, because there are no differences at all between the two pictures.

Level 89: “How to make impossible as quickly as?” makes no sense, but swipe on the “im” to change “impossible” to “possible” and you will pass the level.

Level 90: To help the students figure out 11+24, tap on the level number, which is 90. I’m guessing that this question was originally intended for level 35.

Level 91: Which duck is fake? Enlarge the ducks by zooming in on them with two fingers, and whichever one pops is the fake duck.

Level 92: Who is the hardest? The panda is the hardest.

Level 93: Jack likes to eat apples. Who is Jack? Scroll the entire screen to the left to find Jack on the right side, with an apple in his hand. Then tap on Jack.

Level 94: How do you divide an apple? Swipe it apart with two fingers as if you were zooming in on it.

Level 95: To clean the blackboard, wipe it off with your finger, not with any of the cleaning tools in the pictures.

Level 96: To make the question 6+4=4 true, move the match out of the plus sign and put it on the six to make 8-4=4.

Level 97: To give the answer, count how many holes are in the numbers. 8 has two holes while 6, 9, and 0 have one hole each. 8080 has six holes.

Level 98: Is there anything in the word that can gain speed without using fuel? The earth doesn’t use fuel, so tap on the earth.

Level 99: How many squares are there? Count every surface of every cube. There are a total of 35 squares.

Level 100: How many bottles of soda can you buy with $8 dollars? With 8 dollars, $2 per bottle of soda, 4 caps for 1 bottle, and 2 empty bottles for 1 bottle, you can buy a total of 11 bottles of soda before all is said and done.


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