BrainWars: The Concentration Battle Game – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide

BrainWars: The Concentration Battle Game is another one of those crazy task oriented games where you are required to do simple problems or tasks in a very short period of time. The difference here is that you are competing against others around the world, with many of them being quite adept and almost impossible to beat. Read on for some tips and tricks for BrainWars: The Concentration Battle Game!

You start the game off with only five lives at a time. Once you use a life it takes ten minutes for it to come back on its own, unless you want to spend your precious coins on purchasing lives. The better idea is simply to set the time ahead in the date and time section of your phone or tablet by ten minutes per heart that you need to recover, then go back to the game and your hearts will be full.

Once you finish doing the above step, you have the option of going back to the date and time settings and setting the time right back to normal. If you do this, then go back to the game, your hearts that you just gained from using the time lapse cheat will still be there. That means you can do this trick as many times as you want without having to fix the time all over again.

If you don’t have any friends who play the game, simply use the random challenge to find someone else to play against. If you do play against friends, use the random challenge anyways, for practice and to increase your grade. Or use the training area to increase your proficiency at certain challenges by playing them over and over until you master them.

You can use the little emoticons and pictures at the bottom of the screen to distract your opponent if you do it effectively enough, or simply to confuse them. Or you can just use them to send a message – whatever kind of message that you want – just for fun.

You won’t necessarily get penalized for tapping on the wrong color or box during certain challenges, such as the challenge where you have to pick the color that doesn’t match. When these challenges come along, tap as fast as you absolutely can to cause your score and your speed ranking to skyrocket. Other times, though, your score will drain fast, so accuracy will be key in these challenges.