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Brave Diggers – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Brave Diggers is a new semi-idle RPG for the iOS and Android platforms with a mining twist and a twisted sense of humor. Your goal is to put together a team to quest through mines and other locations, earn experience points and other rewards, unlock new heroes, and then dig in mines in order to find copper, silver, gold and other treasures. Read on for some tips and tricks for Brave Diggers!

When you’re ready to go to the next stage, you’ll hit the next stage button, and then you will have to wait a bit while your party moves there. Use the time while you’re waiting to do your training and other upgrades to your team. Once their questing is done, the “fight” button will appear, and when you tap it, you’ll actually engage in the battle itself.

Add the rarest members to your party as possible, even if they are at a lower experience and upgrade level compared to some of your current members. Once you do, go on quests to earn experience quickly, or save some experience for them beforehand. Rare, epic, and legendary heroes can all be added to your party, and should be added over less-powerful common heroes.

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At level 30, you will be able to arise a member of your party by upgrading their chi. Upgrade everyone’s chi as quickly as you can because doing so nearly doubles the power of that party member. Once you do that, subsequent experience point upgrades will be far more expensive, but they will be worth it as they will have a greater effect on the power of your hero.

Don’t forget about other upgrades and power-ups besides training and chi. Use your minerals from the mines to upgrade your party members, and fire a party member when you don’t need them anymore. Upgrade your karmablade whenever you have the right supplies to do so, or simply keep questing through level after level until you earn a new karmablade.

You can’t fight in an old level again, but if you go back to an old level, your characters will idle-quest it. Each level has drops specific to it, so tap on the drops button to see what they can pick up. Also, no matter what level, they will continue to earn gold and experience while they are idle-questing it, even when you are offline, so spend your stash wisely whenever you log back on after a long period of time of being offline.