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Brave Frontier: Evolution Guide – How to get evolution materials and evolve your units

Brave Frontier is a role playing game for the iOS and Android platforms with card battling elements, and like many games of this type, there are methods of enhancing and evolving your cards. In this game, however, it can be far more difficult to do so than in other games, simply because of the sheer amount of requirements that you need to meet in order to make it happen. Read on for a full guide on how to evolve your cards and earn evolution materials in Brave Frontier!

Each card has many basic requirements for evolution. First of all, you need to fuse until your card hits its maximum experience level. Max level depends on the rarity of your card. Common cards may only have a maximum level of 10. Others, though, will be higher, especially super rare cards, which can have a max level as high as 65. If you have metal cards (ghost, king, god, etc), these are your best fusion fodder, and will level your cards up the fastest.

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Next, you need to have evolution materials. These will be some combination of elemental nymphs, spirits, idols, and mimics and totems. Your basic cards will typically only require one idol, one nymth or one spirit. However, as the rarity increases, the quantity of required materials will increase.

Nymphs, spirits and idols will have a different color to them depending on which element they are. Mimics and totems, on the other hand, will not – they will always be the same. Totems are used only for four star evolutions, while mimics can be used for multiple types. Totems can be found primarily in the Thursday Vortex Gate dungeons (Oasis of the Gods) while Mimics are in the Wednesday ones (Cave of Desires). The nymphs, spirits and idols are in the standard quests, as well as in the Enchanted Paradise on Tuesdays.

The required materials will show up as a question mark until you actually have them. Once you meet all of the requirements, pick the card that you want to evolve. If you have the Zel to do so, you will be able to evolve them. Their level will drop back down to one, and their stats will drop accordingly; however, fuse to level them back up again, and their stat boost will reflect their increase in rarity.

Each card can only be evolved once. Evolving a four-star card is the only way to earn a five star card in the whole game, at least at the moment.