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Brave Frontier: How to get more EXP, energy, and crafting materials

Brave Frontier has a lot for you to do, but there are also plenty of limiters placed upon some of it. Energy limits the amount of quests that you can do, because each leg of a quest uses energy – less for main quests, more for Vortex Gates. Crafting materials are used to create items in the town’s Synthesis area, or sold for Zel. EXP, or experience points, will level up your character. Read on to find out how to earn all three of these!

Getting more experience points is done through the quest mode, and through the Vortex Gates. Arena mode won’t earn you any experience points. Quests earn a fairly small amount of experience, though, while Vortex Gates can earn a ton of it. Sometimes, if you beat a Vortex Gate series of battles, you’ll even earn enough EXP to gain more than one level at a time, especially on the Hostile Relics quest.

Hostile Relics is designed to award you huge bonuses in both EXP and crafting materials; in fact, it’s the single best way to earn both of these. Any other vortex gate quest, though, will earn you far more than the normal quests will (although you can still earn crafting materials from normal quests). Go to the Items area of your Town to see what your current inventory of craft materials is.

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Other methods of earning the Crafting Materials include going to your town area and collecting from your various fountains of crafting wealth, which include the forest, river, farm and mountain. Use the Karma that you earn to upgrade all of the collection areas, and they will earn you more and rarer materials every time that you collect from them.

Energy can only be regenerated by a few methods. You can either wait for it to come back and do other things while you’re waiting (such as fighting in the Arena), or when you gain an experience level by filling the EXP bar, you’ll get a full refill. You can also spend one Gem for a full refill of your energy whenever you run out.

Your maximum energy increases with one out of every two levels that you gain. Keep gaining experience levels to increase it, especially if you have less than 20 max energy, and thus you can’t take on 2/3 of the Vortex Gate challenge dungeons.