Brave Frontier – How to get honor points, ABP and Serial Codes

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Brave Frontier is a new role playing game with collection elements for the iOS and Android platforms. Honor Points are a form of social currency in the game that are mainly used to purchase standard summons. ABP, or arena battle points, are used to increase your rank in the arena. Serial Codes can give you all sorts of bonuses, depending on what is programmed in by the developer. Read on to find out how to get more of all three!

The main way to earn honor points is by recruiting summoner help during quests and Vortex Gate battles. The more times that you battle, the more players’ leaders that you can recruit, meaning the more honor points that you can earn – so to maximize honor points specifically, you will want to go for the regular quests, which cost less energy, rather than the Vortex Gates, which cost lots of energy.

Add more friends by adding whoever you use for help, and whoever you fight in the arena mode (and anyone else you want to add). When you use a friend’s leader as a helper in battle, you’ll earn 10 honor points, as opposed to five for a stranger’s leader.

Also, you can receive them from your friends as gifts, so make sure to add them to your request list – and to send your friends lots of gifts! Check your event rewards as often as you see the little red number pop up on the home screen next to the treasure chest icon – oftentimes you will earn free honor points from something event-related that you did or as compensation for in game maintenance.

Arena Battle Points are the arena’s ranking points. To get more ABPs, you have to win in the arena – you will lose ABPs if you lose against another player. The stronger the player that you beat, the more ABP you earn for a victory.

However, try to fight against weaker opponents by any means (including backing out of the pre-fight screen so you can get a new opponent). Weaker opponents are a surefire victory, especially if their level is lower than yours and you’ve been enhancing diligently, so you’ll find that your rank can increase faster by fighting weaker players.

Serial codes are codes that will instantly give you a special reward. Keep checking back on the game’s official Facebook page or Twitter (and other sources) to find them, but right now, there are no public serial codes. Serial Codes will mainly be used to compensate specific players for a contest reward outside of the game, or to let a player earn back gems that were lost to developer error.

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