Brave Frontier: How to get more Zel, Karma and Gems

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Brave Frontier, being a freemium game for the iOS and Android, predictably has more than one type of currency. In this case, there are actually three main types of currency. Zel and Karma are the two common currencies, with Zel being used in evolutions and fusion, while Karma is used to manage and upgrade your town. Gems are the premium currency of the game, and are used for goodies such as free revives and rare summons. Read on to find out how to get more of all three of these!

The main way to earn more Zel and Karma is through questing, of course. The more hits you land on enemies (even when the hits aren’t required to finish the round), the more Karma and Zel you have a chance to earn. You’ll also earn them from the treasure chests which pop up every so often in battle, as well, but only if you open the chests before you move on.

Vortex Gate battles will earn you gigantic quantities of both Karma and Zel. All of them will earn you more simply just by battling. Extra high amounts of Karma can be found in the Monday dungeon, the Congregation of Souls, while the weekend dungeon, the Golden Vault, will earn you extra high amounts of Zel.

The Golden Vault, as well as other special events in the game, can earn you more Jewel type units, which, when sold, will earn you huge quantities of Zel. Selling any unit will earn you Zel, but the maximum can be earned from the Jewel Ghost, Jewel King, and Jewel God. Don’t fuse those units away by accident, because they are worth far more when sold. For other units, the rarer and higher-level the unit, the more Zel it’s worth.

Earn more Karma by collecting from your town. Spend your Karma to upgrade all of your collectible areas, which will then cause them to earn you more Karma. Sell your items and your crafting materials to earn more Zel.

To earn more Gems, beat entire dungeons in the questing mode for the first time for one gem apiece. Arena rewards can earn you Gems as well – to earn these rewards, rank up in the Arena by earning enough Arena Battle Points. Also, when the Raid Bosses finally open up to the public, expect some of these to earn you gem rewards as well.

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