Brave Frontier – Part 2 of the Walkthrough, Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

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The Vortex Gates are just like the main quests, only much, much tougher to beat. Unlike quests, which cost between three and five energy, Vortex Gates can cost anywhere from 10 to 30 energy to complete. They’ll earn you FAR more experience points, Zel and Karma than the regular quests will, though.

There are two types of Vortex Gates. The main types are the daily battles, which rotate in the same order every week. Monday’s battles will earn you loads of Karma. Tuesday gates specialize in basic evolution materials (spirits, nymphs, idols). Wednesday quests provide Mimics, which are another evolution material card. Thursday quests provide Totems, which are used in the evolution of four star cards. Friday quests provide extra high experience points and crafting materials, while weekend quests will help you load up on Zel.

The other types are the limited edition quests, which typically last for a week or two, and pop up whenever the developers decide to add new ones into the game. Prizes earned in these quests are specific to the quests themselves.

Arena battles play differently than the other ones. They are fully automated, and you battle against other players’ teams of units for ABP, or Arena Battle Points. As you earn more ABP, your rank in the arena increases, and with each rank increase comes a new prize that you can earn, such as gems.

Later on, the developers are going to add Raid Battles. Expect these to work similarly to Arena battles, except that you and other players will be collaborating on taking down one huge boss with loads of health, with prizes to be doled out based on who does the most damage to the raid bosses.

The town area is where all of your crafting items are put to use. You can collect even more crafting items from the farm, forest, river and mountain, and you can spend your Karma to upgrade all of these, so that they earn you better and rarer crafting materials. Under “Synthesis”, you can synthesize various healing and battle-aid items, such as the Cure, which restores hit points, and various attack/defense boosts, and even Revive, which heals your fallen comrades. This, too, can be upgraded using Karma.

In the Spheres area, you can synthesize equippable spheres for your cards, which provide stat boosts. Each unit can equip one sphere at a time. Like the others, Karma can be used to upgrade this so that you can make rarer spheres. You’ll also unlock a music room at experience level 10, where you can purchase the soundtrack to the game bit by bit using Zel.

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