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Brave Frontier – Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 2 – More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Welcome to part two of the Brave Frontier tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part one of the guide.

Load up on units that are two-star and above. You can earn rare units such as this in many ways, including from beating the Vortex Gate dungeons and even the honor point summons, but most commonly from the rare summons. You’ll earn lots of Metal Gods and other fusion fodder units, but try not to use them all at once. Use about one or two per character that you want to level up.

Use more later if you want, but use them in separate fusions, so that you don’t accidentally use more than you need. Never use them to fuse your common units, such as the various slimes that you earn in the early quests, though, as they can be fused to maximum levels fairly quickly simply using other common units.

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Also, save your fuse-only units that are of a certain type (i.e. not the metal gods) so that you can use them in evolution later. When you want to evolve a character you’ll need these units to make it happen. You’ll also need to max-level the character that you want to evolve, and have enough Zel to do it. Rare character evolutions cost a LOT of Zel.

Try to have at least one healer in your party, especially on tough missions, even if they are just a common character or aren’t at an elemental advantage. You’ll know if they are a healer or not by checking their Brave Bursts. You should still synthesize cures to have with you just in case, but a good healer can save you a LOT of cures.

It’s easy to run out of Zel when you’re doing some heavy evolution. If you run out of energy, too, an easy way to earn more Zel is to go back to the Town area, go to your items page, then sell anything that you don’t need. You’ll collect TONS of synthesis items throughout battles, so if you don’t often synthesize, sell your crafting items in order to earn more Zel.

Your maximum energy will gradually increase as you gain levels. If you want to gain a level fast, earn a ton of experience points by going to the weakest, easiest Vortex Gate level that is currently available, play it and beat it, even if you have already beaten it before. You’re almost guaranteed an instant level up from beating a Vortex Gate.

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