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Brave Frontier – Top 12 Tips, Tricks and Cheats, Part 2

Welcome to part two of the Brave Frontier top 12 tips and tricks! Click here to go back to part one of the guide.

6) Try to get the rarest units that you can into battle.
Rare units mostly come from rare summons, but they can also be found elsewhere. They pop up every once in awhile when you use honor points for a summon, and sometimes, you can find them during quests (especially in Vortex Gate quests). Generally, rare units rank from 2 stars to four stars, but five-star units can be had only through four-star evolution.

5) Know what your non-combat units are good for.
Jewel units, such as the jewel god/king/ghost, are good for Zel. You earn Zel whenever you sell a unit, but these ones earn you a particularly sky-high quantity of Zel. Metal units are good for fusion, but worthless for anything else other than that. Nymphs, Icons, Mimics, Totems and other “Level 1/1” units that aren’t jewel or metal related are used for evolution.

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4) Looking for evolution materials? Play the Vortex Gates on different days to earn them and other bonuses.
Monday’s daily gates will earn a ton of Karma. Tuesday’s will earn you Nymphs, Spirits, and Icons, which are used for basic evolutions. Wednesday’s vortex gate will earn Mimics, which are used for evolving slightly more rare units, while Totems, which are earned on Thursday’s battles, are used for evolving four-star super rare cards. Friday’s battles earn you a ton of EXP and craft materials, while weekend battles will earn loads of Zel.

3) Wanna increase your max energy? Keep gaining levels.
Keep gaining EXP and you will gain levels. Keep gaining levels and you’ll increase your max energy. Your max energy increases with every odd numbered level that you gain, which is useful for some of the vortex gate levels that require 20, 30, or similar amounts of energy just to play one battle of.

2) Load up on EXP, Zel and Karma by playing the vortex gates.
The Monday gates earn you a ton of Karma, while the Friday gates earn you a lot of EXP (and crafting materials) and the weekend ones earn you a lot of Zel. Even so, all of the other vortex gates will earn you loads of all three of these, including the limited-edition gates.

1) Earn free Gems any way that you can.
The methods include beating all of the battles of one single dungeon, or ranking up in the arena and earning the rewards, as well as event prizes (check the news for the events). Other ways to earn free gems include the limited-edition Vortex Gate dungeons – just beat them before they expire.