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Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Brave Frontier! Brave Frontier has become the most popular free-to-play RPG on the iOS and Android platforms since it was released. With collection elements reminiscent of games such as Pokemon and card battling games, you can play with hundreds of potential characters. There are countless quests to go on, battle opportunities against other players, and limited time events that you can play. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Brave Frontier!

As you start the game off, you’ll be introduced to the main questing mode first. The battle system here is fairly simple. You’ll have six characters in a battle. Tap on one character to have them attack a random enemy. If you want them to target a specific enemy, tap the enemy to place a target on them, then tap your characters to attack.

As your characters attack, their “Brave Burst” meter will build up. The Brave Burst attack is made available when the bar is full. To activate it, tap and hold the character with the full bar, then swipe up after about half a second. Brave Bursts can target one enemy, multiple enemies, every enemy, or even heal your characters, depending on which character it belongs to. Each specific character has a different Brave Burst.

When you win, you will earn Zel, Karma and experience points. Zel and Karma are two of the main forms of currency – more on them later. You’ll also acquire new units and crafting materials. New units can be added to your active army, while crafting materials can be used to craft new items in your town area. After you complete a whole quest area, you’ll also earn bonuses including a free gem (the premium currency of the game).

When you gain enough experience points to fill the experience point bar, you’ll gain a level, and when you gain a level, all of your energy will be restored. Energy is used each time you engage in a quest, so gaining levels is your way to keep on playing without having to spend gems or to wait for your energy to come back.

Elements play a role in battle – they can have a huge effect on the damage that you deal or that you take. Fire (red) beats earth (green), earth beats electric (yellow), electric beats water (blue) and water beats fire. Light and dark type fighters are strong against each other and weak against others of the same type.

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