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Breakin’ Grounds – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Breakin’ Grounds is a new MMO strategy game for the iOS platform. This game plays much like Clash of Clans except set on the floating islands high in the sky. Your goal is to invade other players’ islands and to try to protect your island from getting invaded by them. Read on for some tips and tricks for Breakin’ Grounds!

There are two main types of currency in this game: gold and Mana, and for each of those two types of currencies there are two types of buildings: resource collectors and resource storages. One of the very first things that you should do in playing this game is to upgrade both of these; the collectors so that while you are off-line and you will continue to earn gold and mana, and the storages so that you don’t run out of room to hold all of your currency. Plus, things are cheap early on in the game, but later on they start to get quite expensive so it’s good to be prepared for when that time comes.

When you are doing the attacks on other players’ islands, be sure to keep on the lookout for islands that have been abandoned by the players due to having deleted the app. It’s not as easy to tell here as it is in Clash of Clans, but look at the collector and storage buildings and you will be able to tell. Eventually when the add some form of Clan play to this game as well, this will be extremely important because clan members won’t be able to send troops back-and-forth when they have abandoned the game.

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When attacking other players, pay attention to the layout of their outer tiles on their islands. If you send your troops in at the wrong place it is very easy to lose quickly simply because they will get shot and fall right off the side. Send your troops in on the side where there is the least amount of firepower, and where there is the lowest possible chance of you getting shot and blown off the side.

Gems are the premium currency of this game. One of the first things that you should do when you have enough gems is to spend them on another builder so that you can upgrade your island as quickly as possible. Also, if you want to create major separation between segments of your island, spend some gems and buy one or two of the metal fields. Then split your standard territory up, make sure each part of the island is heavily armed, at least as much as possible, then watch enemy players struggle.

If your collectors are full or if you don’t want to get your resources stolen by other players, put them on layaway. This works best with mana because if your training halls are full, you can still line up as many troops as possible in the queue, especially expensive troops so that your mana will be tied up in them and not sitting inside your storages ready to get stolen. Also, only collect the mission rewards as you need them, not right away.