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Breakout Ninja: Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Breakout Ninja is a new level-based runner game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your ninja runs along a set route and your goal is to hit the screen when it enters the circle. The more perfect that your tap is, the more points you’ll score, allowing you to unlock even more difficult and challenging modes, as well as to unlock new equipment for your ninja. Read on for some tips and tricks for Breakout Ninja!

If you tap when your ninja hits the circle, but it is not a perfect tap, you will earn one point; however, if you tap when the ninja is right in the middle of the circle and you earn a perfect tap, you get two points. Get as many points as possible, and you can earn a three-star rating. You can even earn multiple stars without finishing the entire level if you earn enough perfects.

With the right score, you can unlock hard mode for a level, which is a faster version of the same level. Earn stars on the hard mode, and you unlock very hard mode, which is an even faster version of that level. All of the difficulty levels have the same layout, so switch up the timing and you’ll quickly get used to the hard and very hard versions of it.

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Endless versions of the level are randomly generated, with the background being the only thing that they share with the set version. Your goal in these is to score as many points as possible; however, if you miss a tap, you still lose, so try not to miss a tap.

In any level, you can tap when you aren’t in a circle and you won’t die; however, you can’t just tap rapidly in order to hit all of the dots, because after enough rapid taps, you will be killed. You can also play levels in any order that you want; you don’t have to go down the list as they are given.

As you earn stars, you will be able to unlock new hats for your ninja, as well as new trails. Each random spin costs 200 stars. Go to the hat and trail menu and you can watch videos for 100 stars apiece. You can watch as many videos as you want to earn unlimited stars.