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Brick Slasher: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Brick Slasher is a new Ketchapp game where you fire cannonballs at a tower in order to try to knock down portions of it. Your goal is to knock down the whole tower before time runs out, so that you can get to the chest and move onto the next level, and get the highest score possible. You can earn coins and unlock new balls, as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Brick Slasher!

Your goal is to use cannonballs to knock the bricks off balance. To make it down to the bottom of the level more easily, aim at the lowest part of the tower that you can. The lower on the tower that you aim, the more of the tower that you knock down when you dislodge enough bricks, meaning the more points that you earn for that particular tower segment.

Shoot at different parts of the tower, rather than aiming at the same part over and over. The first shot will dislodge some bricks, but the second shot in the same place will have a tougher time dislodging bricks. Dislodge bricks in different locations, though, and you will knock down the tower quicker.

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You can earn coins from the chests that you collect in the tower, and if you get enough points in a round, you’ll earn a huge chest of coins. In addition, at the end of every round, you’ll have an offer to watch an ad video in exchange for a coin chest worth around 100 coins. Use all of these methods to continue to rack up the coins.

As you earn coins, you’ll be able to unlock new balls. Some balls cost 650 to unlock. Some balls can be unlocked by visiting Ketchapp’s social media pages. Some balls can be unlocked by watching 5 ad videos apiece. Either way, the balls are cosmetic; none of them perform any differently than any others do. They’re purely for appearance purposes.

Shoot the balls as fast as you can, since the time runs down at the same pace whether you shoot slowly or shoot quickly. Each time that you knock down a piece of the tower, you get some of your time back, so that you can extend your run and get more points. The first time that you lose on a stage, you’ll be able to watch an ad video to start back over from where you left off with the same amount of points. After that, you have to start from the beginning.