Brown Dust: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Brown Dust is a new mobile RPG/gacha game for the iOS and Android platform, and it is completely loaded with characters, upgrades, and more that can turn your team into a force to be reckoned with. You can load up on five-star characters, earn currency, do all kinds of upgrades, and more.

There are the campaign modes, where you can quest through the game and read the story, but there are also special events that you can take on, and a massive amount of mercenary upgrading and customization, allowing you to field the fiercest team possible.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Brown Dust!

This game is notorious for the amount of rare characters you get loaded down with in the first ten or so minutes of the game. You’ll be able to summon ELEVEN characters using ten premium scrolls and one 5-star random mercenary ticket. So right from the beginning, you’re getting lots of epic, rare, and legendary characters, because you’re getting a 3-5 star hero for every premium scroll that you use.

You might not like who you get the first time, though, or you simply might want to try your hand at getting as many five-star heroes as possible; if that is the case, then go to the settings area, hit the “delete account” button, and then start the game over again. Deleting your account deletes all of your data without actually deleting or forcing you to re-download the app, so you don’t have to keep deleting, installing, deleting, and installing the game.

Since you start off with all sorts of rare characters, your best method of strategy is to build a team full of different characters with different roles. Fill some of the spots on your team with high-defense characters who can soak up hits. Make sure to have at least one healer on your team, especially when the battles get tougher. And make sure to have high-attack characters who can be protected by the tanks and healed by the healers.

Play the events as often as possible, even if you think you’re weak at them. Events are notoriously difficult, but if they’re difficult for you, they’re difficult for everyone else too, so participate often and you’ll earn big rewards more frequently. Events range from the quick, such as login rewards, to the not-so-quick, such as special battles and quests. Play as many of them as you possibly can, as often as possible.

Your main upgrade method for your heroes is to farm for experience, go farther and farther in the campaign mode, in both normal and hard modes, and unlock everything. Find the area that gives you the most rewards per farming, and keep farming it to earn experience, scrolls, and more goodies. Normal Scrolls are a particularly tantalizing reward.

The reason for this is that Normal Scrolls each give you a 1-3 star mercenary. After the rare merc flood at the beginning of the game, this might seem worthless, but you can level up your rare mercs using common mercs. Mercenaries with gold stars are the strongest ones, so use your common ones to enhance them. Enhance your favorite mercs that you swap in and out of your party, too.

One of the features is the ability to buy new costumes for your character. If that is what you care most about, then be sure to save up all of the free diamonds that you earn as you play the game – or if you are big-money, just buy said diamonds and then spend them on your characters. While the costumes are purely cosmetic, some of them come with a ton of bonuses such as premium scrolls, horseshoes, resources, gold, and other goodies.

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