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By | 20181112 is a Facebook Messenger battle arena game where you drop into an arena full of other players, slash them to kill them, and try to get the highest score possible. You can fight for dominance, earn coins, upgrade your weapons, and upgrade your player, as well, in order to give yourself an advantage. Read on for some tips and tricks for!

From the beginning, collect all of the blood spatters that you find sitting around the level. Blood spatters increase your experience as you find them, and when you fill your experience bar, you’ll gain a level. Gain levels and you’ll get bigger, which will increase the range of your weapon, giving you a bigger advantage.

You’ll earn coins as you play through rounds in the game, as well as from free gifts. Your first use of them should be to upgrade your weapons. Upgrade your bat into a stick, for example, and you will increase its range greatly, allowing you to score easy kills against other players. If you’ve been playing through this for awhile, players with sticks probably take you out often, so this will even the playing field.

Your main method of earning coins is killing other players, but at the end of a round, you’ll be offered an advertisement video, which will allow you to earn more coins instantly once the video is done. Take the video offer at any point so that you can earn coins; oftentimes, bonus experience will come along with the prize, too.

Aside from upgrading your weapon, you can also increase your player experience in the store. Increase your player experience to unlock new upgrades for your character. At level 4, you’ll be able to buy a new player evolution, which will increase your health. Also, each time you add experience, your health will increase, too.

When you begin the game, the blacksmith will begin forging, and the percentage meter will slowly increase. When the bar fills up, tap the button. An advertisement video will play, and when it finishes, you will earn a permanent attack power bonus. Let the game sit for awhile and keep claiming the bonus for an increased advantage against other players.

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3 thoughts on “ – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

  1. Doom Slayer

    You don’t get bigger in BrutalMania, you just get more health and are healed slightly (Good idea to fight and get damaged some before each level up to best use your health)

    BrutalMania is also a singleplayer game. Every other “Player” is a computer, much like the paperio games, minigiants, and a few other fake multiplayer io games. The biggest hint to this is the names: Go to literally any other Multiplayer IO game that has real players, like slither and agar, and you’ll see that it’s mostly Symbols, different languages, cussing, etc etc. These games never have those names in them.

    Forging is the most overpowered mechanic to the game, and should NEVER be ignored. As someone with +634 attack as of writing this comment, it makes getting 100+ kills per game, easy. Playing against NPC’s also has it’s own advantages. First of all; nobody will have a forging bonus, as they are NPC’s and don’t have access to it. 2: They don’t have level Health bonuses, only the health their evolution has that they are using, even if the evolution or weapon requires a high level to use. 3: They will start swinging from the same distance, regardless of the range of their weapons, making it easy to bait short ranged NPC’s like the mace, sword, axe, hammer, pickax, and moon scythe, even though it has an annoyingly fast attack speed.

    Also my in-game name is Doom Slayer, if you ever see a Berserker with that name breaking 7-8K points on average in-game, then that’s me. I doubt you will see me as above mentions, but there is always a possibility that it’s just tons of bots, and not that it’s singleplayer. Which if it is truly multiplayer, then I feel sorry for whoever runs into me.

  2. Eminnel

    Hi Ibigay mong diamonds plss pagcheat


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