BTS WORLD: Card Pieces and Crafting Guide

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BTS WORLD puts you in the shoes of the manager of the band back in the year 2012, complete with the story of how the band got together, as well as side stories of what they would be doing if they weren’t together. Card Management presents you with many options, with possibly the most confusing one being Crafting.

Crafting is an important function in this game, but can be one of the hardest to figure out. Additionally, you can earn card pieces by playing Another Story, but at first it’s not clear what they do. So how do all of these tie together?

Read on for a full guide to card crafting and card pieces in BTS WORLD!

First of all, we’ll go over how to get card pieces. The one way to get card pieces in this game is to play the Another Story mode. You might have already started playing it, and noticed that you’re beginning to earn card pieces as you make your way through a band member’s story.

You’ll earn card pieces, and you’ll be able to see the picture on the cards when you do. Often the pieces won’t be for the same card, even if they are for the same band member. That’s because they’re for crafting different cards.

Once you earn enough card pieces, you will be able to craft a particular card. You can craft three-star, four-star, and five-star cards. For three-star cards, you need a total of 50 card pieces. For four-star cards, you need 80 pieces. For five-star cards, you need 100 card pieces.

The pieces can either be for cards that you have already earned from gem draws and loyalty point draws, or they can be for cards that you don’t have. If you already have the card, simply find the card in your collection and go to the Craft menu to craft another copy of that card.

If you don’t have the card, though, you won’t see the option to craft it right away. To do that, go to the card management screen, then using the filter, switch over to All Cards, so that you will see both the cards that you have and the cards that you don’t have.

Once you’re there, find the card that you have all of the pieces of, then go to the Craft menu. With all of the pieces, you’ll be able to craft the card, which will add it to your card deck and make it appear in your owned cards area.

Card crafting is the only way that you can get rare cards in this game and be able to see and select the rare cards you get without spending any gems. Of course, the loyalty point purchases allow you to select a specific four-star and five-star card. But you have to spend a LOT of gems in order to get to them.

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