BTS WORLD: How to get Wings, Loyalty Points, and Experience

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BTS WORLD gives you a lot to do as the manager of the world’s most popular band, such as bring the band itself together, go through alternate stories, and upgrade your cards, as well as add new cards. You need Wings to play through stages, as they are this game’s version of “energy”.

There are three types of new card draws, and one of them earns you Loyalty Points, which are a specific form of currency that earns you the coveted 4-5 star cards easily if you earn all of them. Experience, of course, is required in order to gain levels.

Read on for tips on how to gain more experience, get wings, and earn loyalty points in BTS WORLD!

Wings run out really quickly when you’re playing heavily through stages, especially if you are going through both the BS Story and Another Story at the same time. Luckily, however, they are easy to restore, so if you want, you can essentially play the game almost endlessly.

Wings restore when you gain an experience level. To make wings restore quickly if you’re getting low, get your experience bar high, then start auto-clearing stages until you gain a level. Once you gain the level, then you’ll get a full restoration of your wings.

Be sure to take advantage of the friends feature and add as many friends as possible, because this is one of your best ways of earning wings. You and your friends can send each other gifts of one wing at a time, so with a lot of friends, you can send each other a LOT of wings.

Experience points are most obviously earned by completing stages, but be sure to go and collect all of your quest rewards and achievement awards, too. Follow the red dots sitting by various icons to track down all sorts of rewards.

Most of the rewards will contain experience points, so it’s good to go on a collection spree whenever you get close to gaining a level, especially when you’re running out of wings. This is especially true since you’ll get a quick wing restoration by doing this.

Loyalty points are one of the rarest things that you can earn in this game. The one way to earn loyalty points is to do gem summons. You won’t earn any loyalty points for using a free gem summon ticket, but when you spend gems, you earn loyalty points. It doesn’t matter whether they are free or paid gems; they all get you loyalty points.

Once you get enough loyalty points, you can spend them on various boxes such as the I Am Purple box. It takes a LOT of loyalty points to get these summons, but you’ll be able to pick out your choice of 5-star card with the I Am Purple Box.

If you buy a Yellow box, you’ll be able to select your own 4-star card. If you buy a Blue box, you’ll be able to buy a random 4-star to 5-star card. These all require a lot of loyalty points, topping out at 400 for the I Am Purple Box, but they’re worth it.

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