BTS WORLD: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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BTS WORLD is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where you play as the manager of an alternate-universe version of the Bangtan Boys/BTS, starting from before the band even got together. Your goal is to get them together and make your way through their story, as well as “another story”, featuring another alternate universe where none of the boys ever joined BTS.

You can complete all sorts of missions and earn cards for newer, rarer, and more upgraded versions of the BTS members. You can earn coins, gems (both free gems and paid gems), wings, and all sorts of items that your band members love.

Read on for the complete multi-part tips and tricks guide for BTS WORLD!

Story Modes:

Your goal in the main game (BTS Story) is to make your way through the story and to do the stages as they come up. To beat the stages, you have to have a high enough number of points to earn one star, but if you fill the points bar all the way, you earn three stars.

Their stats are empathy, passion, stamina, and wisdom, and for each mission, you have one or two main stats that will be multiplied when you pick a card – look for the highlighted stats. Pick the cards with the highest number of these stats so that they can get a 1.5x multiplier for them. The multiplied stats and the unmultiplied stats will be added together to make your total score for the level.

Once you unlock the agency, you’ll be able to boost stats for the entire group. These will be added to the total at the end of each mission as well. As you take care of the daily schedule, though, your members’ condition will drop. Give them gifts in order to improve their condition. Each member has three gifts that are specific to them, each of which boosts their condition when you give it to them.

Once you get through the tutorial, you’ll unlock “Another Story”, which gives you stages and story segments that are specific to each band member, rather than the band as a whole. The stories focus on what each character would have been doing with their lives had they not been members of BTS, in an alternate universe sort of fashion.

Card Upgrades and Draws

Cards have their own specific sets of stats, and the way to upgrade them is by using flowers to level them up. Each level-up improves their stats equally. Leveling up one-star and two-star cards is much cheaper than leveling up three-, four-, and five-star cards, of course.

Hit the draws area to draw new cards with either gems or coins. The gem draws obviously provide the rarer cards, but you can still get 2-3 star cards with the coin draw, and as that’s about all that you have to spend your coins on, draw heavily from this so that you can max out your cards.

You can upgrade cards to increase their rarity once their levels are high enough. To get upgrade materials, go to the exchange area to exchange duplicate cards for them; of course, you’ll need quite a few draws before you start finding duplicates; one reason to blow all of your coins on draws.

How to get tons of upgrade material, coins, gifts, and other supplies

Once you beat a stage, go back to it whenever you want and you’ll be able to auto-clear it up to five times at a time. Of course, this costs wings, but you’ll load up on coins, gifts, flowers, and more by doing this.

Each time that you gain an experience level, you get all of your wings back. So once you’re close to gaining a level, go and auto-clear levels until you gain a level, and you’ll gain all of your wings back and be able to continue on for quite awhile.

Whenever you’re about to go to bed, if you have a lot of wings left, go and auto-clear levels until you use up all of your wings. Wings restore with time, so do this and then go to sleep, and when you wake up, your wings will be restored and you will have far more flowers and coins to play with.

Be sure to look at what the possible drops for a level are before you auto-clear it. Some will have different gifts than others, and some will have random gift boxes, which are extremely useful if you need to restore the condition of your band members in order to put them back on the daily schedule.


Styling allows you to change the outfits of your band members. There is no gameplay change when you change their style; the effect is purely cosmetic, so you’ll see your band members in the new outfits whenever you’re in story advancement/talk missions.

Missions and Achievements

You have a ton of missions, achievements, quests, and more that you can complete in order to earn rewards. Rewards will consist of experience points, coins, gifts, and more. Follow the red dots in the main lobby in order to track down rewards to claim.

The best time to claim rewards is when you’ve run out of wings, but you have your experience bar mostly filled. Start claiming rewards, and then keep going until you gain a level. Then when you gain a level, you’ll get all of your wings restored. If your wing bar isn’t totally empty, then you will end up with more than the maximum number of wings to use.

The “Mobile” area

The Mobile area is where you can keep track of all of your conversations via text message, phone call, or social media, with your band members. Even though this is its own area in the lobby, going here will only allow you to go back through previous scenarios; no new scenarios will open up.

One object of interest is the Affinity area, which is found under the heart icon. Your affinity with a band member increases when you interact with them via phone or text, and when it gets to a high enough level, special events are triggered.

You can trigger mobile events by doing a number of different things within the game. One is to clear stages within BTS Story. Random stages can trigger specific events.

Another is to get 3-5 star cards. Often when you get a card of a rarer tier, that will be enough to trigger a special event.

A third way is to level up a 4- or 5-star card to level 50. Level 30 is the max before you upgrade a card. Upgrade a card and you’ll be able to level it up to 50. Once it hits 50, a new event will be triggered.

Fourth is to complete photo albums. Take photos to add them to the photo albums; unlike most games with this feature, these photos actually serve a purpose, which is to unlock said events.

Finally, you can unlock new events by increasing your affinity to a high enough level. This happens largely by chance, as the story stages that trigger increases in affinity occur on a set basis.

That’s part 1 of the walkthrough. Click here for part 2 of the BTS World Tips and Tricks Guide!

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