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Bubble Island 2: World Tour – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Bubble Island 2 is the latest bubble shooter by genre veteran Wooga. This game has completely different physics than most other bubble shooters, as well as plenty of other gameplay elements, such as earning food, coins, and being able to construct buildings and build a city. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bubble Island 2!

The main difference with the physics is that if a bubble hits a group of bubbles that it doesn’t match, then instead of sticking, it will drop off and fall. This might sound like it makes the game easier, but it instead provides a whole new set of challenges.

Also, a stack of bubbles is generally mounted to one bubble with a screw attached to it. Take away the screw and you’ll drop the entire stack of bubbles. If there is no screw, then bubbles are attached to the bubbles above them, so if you drop a stack of bubbles, the bubbles that are attached to it will drop away as well. If they hit bubbles below them, then they’ll take them out as well.

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Each stage has three different levels, and each time you beat one of the levels you unlock the next one. Each successive level of a stage carries a higher potential reward, but is tougher as well. Whenever you need to collect coins, go back to old levels and complete stage 2 and 3 of the levels, then put the coins to use.

Coins can be used to build buildings such as factories and restaurants. Restaurants allow you to make money by selling the food that you collect. Factories produce more resources over time, which lead to more food that can be sold through restaurants. Landmarks are old buildings that need to be rebuilt in order to continue forward in the game.

If you are missing various resources, but you have coins to burn and you don’t want to go grinding though levels for resources, be sure to hit the Crocodeal store to see if they have any relevant resources for you to purchase. Either that, or you can sell off some extra resources of yours in order to earn more coins.