Bubble Speed Facebook Game Guide: Cheats, tips and strategies

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Bubble Speed is a brand new bubble shooting game that has been jumping up the Facebook gaming charts since it was released. Like its bubble shooting contemporaries, Bubble Sagaand Bubble Witch Saga, Bubble Speed is simple in premise – it involves shooting bubbles at other bubbles, and making matches of three or more bubbles at a time. The way it differs, however, is that you can’t really lose (the stack of bubbles rises and falls as you clear more bubbles or as you start to have a bubble logjam) and there is no energy limit – you can play this game as often as you like, in any amount of time that you want. Along with the changes in gameplay come changes in the kind of strategies that you can use to become the king of Bubble Speed as well, so read on for that part!

The key to Bubble Speed is very simple. All you need to do is to get rid of the most bubbles that you can in the one minute that you get to play each stage. One of the best ways to earn points is to go for combinations of more than three bubbles at a time. The more bubbles that you can knock off at a time, the more points that you can score.
The best way, however, is to knock off bubbles that have other bubbles hanging from them. Doing this can earn you massive points. Work your way up one side of the screen to start, clearing out combinations of bubbles until you make a big hole up the one side of the screen. As you do this you should develop a nice stack of bubbles up the other side. Now, work on clearing out the bubbles atthe very TOP of this stack. Clear them out until you make a line across the top, until the rest of the stack has no other bubbles to hang off of. Once you clear out the last of that line, every other bubble will come falling off too, giving you HUGE combinations and tons of coins for knocking off a ton of bubbles.

Earn coins faster this way, too. Keep playing stages using these strategies, without buying power ups, and you’ll build up tons of coins. Once you’re ready to really jack up the score against your friends or other players, buy a ton of power ups before the stage begins, and go to town racking up six-figure scores and knocking off massive amounts of bubbles, lifting your score entirely out of reach for your friends.

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