Bubble Speed FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

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If you’re a fan of bubble shooter games, chances are you’ve heard of Bubble Speed, or you’re already playing it. Bubble Speed is the newest bubble shooter for Facebook, and while it plays much the same as many of the other ones out there, it’s much different in style. With Bubble Speed, your goal is as it sounds – get rid of as many bubbles as you can get rid of in the given period of time, as fast as possible. Read on.

One of the main differences between Bubble Speed and other bubble shooting games is that you can’t lose in this one. In others, if you let the bubbles get below the base line, you’re done, but in Bubble Speed, your bubbles already begin right at the base line. Ifyou clear out a line of bubbles, the whole stack falls back down to the base line, and if you shoot a bubble and land it below the baseline, the whole stack moves up, so your new bubble is now back above the base line.

There’s also no energy limitation in Bubble Speed. You can play as many times as you want, in any given period of time, so it’s very easy to spend hours in a row playing Bubble Speed and to lose track of time if you aren’t paying attention.

Like other bubble shooters, your goal is to make a combination of three or more bubbles. The more bubbles your can make a combination with, the more points you score. You can also make big combos by clearing a set of bubbles that have other bubbles hanging off of them, meaning that you can score big points if you knock off a massive amount of bubbles by clearing out the bubbles above them.

You also earn experience points and coins for each game that you play. The more bubbles you clear out, the more points you can earn.
That’s the basics for Bubble Speed! Enjoy!

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