Bubble Witch Saga for Facebook: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

The latest bubble shooter game for Facebook is Bubble Witch Saga, which puts a Halloween style spin on the bubble shooting theme, and adds a bunch of new twists. Are you just starting out playing Bubble Witch Saga? Maybe you are already playing it and you just want some tips and tricks. Either way, read on!

Bubble Witch Saga’s spin on the gameplay is that you play as a group of witches, trying to free the world from a curse using the ingredients bubbling up in your cauldrons. Match the same colored magical ingredients and they drop into the cauldron and work together to free the world of the curse. Or something like that. The story isn’t important.It’s just another fun addicting bubble shooter game.

As with other bubble shooter games, you have to match groups of three bubbles of the same color in order to clear them and earn points. If you match 4 or 5 bubbles of the same color, you score even more points. But there’s ways to clear out even more bubbles.

To clear out higher numbers of bubbles you need to clear bubbles that have other, differently-colored bubbles hanging off of them. If you do that, the other bubbles will fall off and be cleared too, because there is nothing else there to support them.
Each time you clear out a group of bubbles, you will have one extra spider at the bottom of the screen. When you shoot a bubble but it does NOT clear out a group of bubbles, you will lose two spiders. Your goal is to have the most spiders at the end of your run, because this is where you get your bonus points.

When you clear out enough bubbles, all of thebubbles will fall from the top and start bouncing off of the spiders. For every spider they hit they will get you more bonus points, so when you have more spiders on the screen, you will get even more bonus points. After they fall off the screen and into the various cauldrons (which also earn bonus points), the rest of the leftover unused bubbles will shoot up out of the bubble cauldron and bounce off the spiders and into the bonus cauldrons, earning you still more bonus points.

The more points per stage you earn, the morestars you earn. You can earn between one andthree stars per stage depending on how high your score is. The more points and stars you earn, the more power ups you unlock and the more new areas you unlock.

That’s the basics! Have fun playing Bubble Witch Saga!

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