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Bubblegum Hero: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Bubblegum Hero is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where you blow bubblegum, make perfect bubblegum balloons, and earn points toward a high score. You can earn coins along the way, unlock new characters, and compete against players around the world to earn the highest score out of all of them. Read on for some tips, cheats, strategies, and tricks for Bubblegum Hero!

The quickest way to increase your score, of course, is to blow perfect bubbles. When you blow a bubble that stays within the shaded yellow circle, that’s a perfect bubble. If it’s within the dotted lines but not the shaded circle, then it will be a non-perfect bubble. With each perfect in a row, you increase your multiplier, but with each non-perfect successful bubble, you lose your multiplier.

For gaining experience points, though, the most important thing is not perfect bubbles, but merely successful bubbles. Each bubble is worth one experience point, no matter if it’s a perfect bubble or a not-bad bubble. Perfect bubbles (especially combos of perfect bubbles) will make the circle move around faster, so if you want to slow the circle back down so that you can earn more experience points, then just do a non-perfect bubble and the circle will slow right back down.

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You need to earn coins in order to unlock more gum, more characters, and other goodies. You can earn two coins for every perfect bubble that you blow (not subject to multipliers), but watching ad videos is the key to earning far more gum. You’ll see the offers pop up randomly after the end of a round. You can also complete quests to earn 20 coins apiece, but the videos can earn you 100s of coins apiece.

Use all of those coins wisely. The main use of them is to purchase more gum. Each gum has its own stats: Points, speed, perfect, range, and cash. Points, speed, and cash are self-explanatory. Perfect refers to the thickness of the perfect circle, while range refers to the space in between the dotted lines. The more thickness and space, the better for these two stats.

You can get all kinds of other stuff to customize the game, such as new stagesand new characters. To get new characters, you can spend coins on them, and to unlock new stages, make it to specific experience level (different depending on the stage) and you’ll open it right away. Each stage comes with its own set of characters, too.


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