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Bud Farm: Grass Roots – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Bud Farm: Grass Roots, known elsewhere as Pot Farm: Grass Roots, is a new farming game for the iOS and Android platform that has become a smash hit for one very obvious reason: it centers around weed. Your goal in this game is to grow everyone’s favorite herb, ship it out and sell it, and then use the proceeds to build an increasingly prolific business. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bud Farm/Pot Farm: Grass Roots!

You can put as little effort or as much effort into growing weed as you want to, and you’ll still be able to grow it. All that changes is how many buds you get off of one grow. Water your plants as often as your water tanks will allow you to in order to grow the plant more quickly. When you unlock the ability to do so, upgrade your water tank, and starting at level 4, upgrade your lightbulbs as well, and you’ll get more buds per harvest.

To start the game, your van will only have one job at a time, but upgrade your van and you’ll add another job. Even though your van can still only go out on one job at a time, this gives you incentive to keep more than one strain of weed around so that you can have job options. Plus, the better your chances of ending up with a high-dollar order.

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You can request help from friends, and when they get the request, they can come to your farm and speed your plants along. Log in with Facebook in order to add friends. If you have no friends who play the game, either invite your stoner friends, or look for people to add on Facebook. Use a games-only secondary account if you have to. Add people who post add-me requests in FB groups, the comments section on this article, the App Store review page, or Google Play.

Check out the achievements area by tapping on the phone icon, then on the trophy icon. You can earn various prizes here, such as boxes, bulbs, hoses, or even potbucks. Collect any applicable rewards that you’ve earned; if you haven’t earned any yet, then look up and down the list to see what you can complete.

Buy as many pots as you can and grow more weed to gain experience levels quickly. Use your potbucks to speed things along if you aren’t patient. As you gain levels, you’ll not only unlock more strains of weed, but more buildings and the ability to buy more land. This will allow you to add to the population of your Bud Farm, which in turn will allow you to add more slackers and grow more weed.