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Build a Bridge! Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Build a Bridge! is a new Android and iOS game where your goal is to do exactly what it says in the title, and that’s to build a bridge so that a vehicle can cross it. You have to it using the available materials, and to do it for the least amount of money possible. Your goal is to earn three stars by spending a minimal amount of money for a good bridge. Read on for some tips and tricks for Build a Bridge!

When constructing the supports of the bridge, triangles are going to be your best friend. Triangles make for a strong support (hence, their use in real-life for these sorts of things), so start with that as the basic shape for your supports. Add extra beams to split triangles as needed in order to build a strong enough bridge so that the car can pass it.

Start off using the cheapest materials that you can in order to build the bridge, even if it means letting yourself fail a few times. Let yourself fail and pay attention to where the bridge breaks. Swap out the wood and other cheap materials for metal and other more expensive materials as needed. Luckily, you can auto-restart from where you left off.

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While you get the normal mode right off the bat in this game, the easy mode is available to unlock for a small in-app purchase. This mode is best for if you have a kid and you’re trying to get them into the game, and they aren’t quite old enough to get how to build a bridge in the normal mode that can get a car all the way across yet.

In some levels, the beginning of the course will be at a lower point than the end of the course, and you’ll have suspension points up top, meaning that you have to build steel cables in order to get the bridge to work as intended. On these levels, you’ll save money if you build the bridge straight across, due to the shorter length required for the cables. Aim the bridge so that the truck falls off and then drops onto the platform at the end. If the truck doesn’t flip or crash, you will get credit for finishing the level.

Be judicious with what hints you use, because once you run out of hints, you have to spend coins or money in order to get more of them. If you want to get more coins for free, go to the coin store and one option will allow you to watch a video for 100 free coins. You can watch as many videos as you want if you don’t want to spend any real-life money on coins.