Buzz Killem – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Buzz Killem is a new 8-bit styled shoot-em-up for the iPhone and iPad by Everplay Interactive. This sequel to Bill Killem puts you in the shoes of an old retired war veteran who, in the middle of fishing with his son, gets called back into action to take on a terrible new threat. With loads of new weapons and skills, your hero is still the number one person who can save ‘Murica. Read on for some tips and tricks for Buzz Killem!

Every stage has three of its own missions that you have to complete, and when you complete enough sets of three missions, you will unlock the next level. Complete them in any order that you want, and complete as many of them at a time as you want, but you’ll speed up the process of unlocking stuff if you complete them more quickly. Plus, each one comes with a somewhat hefty coin bonus, and the coin bonuses add up after just a few of them.

Don’t extract right away after you finish the mission though. You can keep wandering around killing enemies and blowing up boxes, barrels, and the like for as long as you want, and keep earning experience points the entire time. Each time that you gain an experience level, you’ll unlock a new disguise, which allows you new advantages, disadvantages, and a rather funny look.

You can upgrade every single one of your weapons in the armory. For the biggest advantage, upgrade your standard gun as high as possible first, but the more weapons that you unlock here, the more weapon boxes you’ll find in any stage, so unlock as many weapons as you can, and upgrade them to unleash their power. Then you can choose your disguises based on your favorite weapons.

Want to earn free coins? Go to the in app purchase store and hit the “free coins” button to watch an advertisement video for 100 free coins. Watch as many of them as you want to up until the point when no more of them are available to load up on free coins. Combined with upgrades, this is an excellent way to get past a level that’s troubling you.

This game is known to have some major crashing issues. In order to get it to stop crashing, load up the title screen and wait for the Game Center popup to appear, then disappear, and THEN play the game. Alternately, disable Game Center and you won’t have to worry about it, but the Game Center popup is what kills the game.

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