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Calibria: Crystal Guardians: Reroll Cheat – Guide to rerolling for the best top-tier characters

Calibria: Crystal Guardians, which is sometimes confused by Googlers as Calabria: Crystal Guardians (no, this game is not based in Italy), is a popular new gacha RPG for the iOS and Android platforms that will remind many fans of the old Summoner’s War. There are hundreds of heroes in this game of all rarities, from 1-star commoners to 5-star epic and legendary types.

As you go through the tutorial and growth missions, you’ll get some rarer heroes, but you usually have a shot at even better heroes. Here’s how to reroll for better heroes in Calibria: Crystal Guardians!

The most simple and basic way to reroll is to go through the tutorial, and if you don’t like what you get in said tutorial, all that you have to do is delete the app, and then reinstall it and go for it again. To do this, though, avoid linking your account to Facebook or any other linking option.

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Another method of rerolling is, especially if you want to reset a linked account, to do the following. Start over by tapping on your avatar, then going to the option that says Manage Account.

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When you’re there, there will be an option to Start a New Game. Tap that option, then the game will ask you to confirm in order to finalize the starting of a new game, so that you don’t accidentally delete your data, if this is not what you were intending to do.

You can do the restart option right after the tutorial, or in the middle of the tutorial, if you want in order to reroll, or you can also hold out and do the reroll later, too. All that you have to do is load up on the free Mystic Summon Scroll books and use them, then decide to keep or reroll.

To load up on free Mystic Summon Scrolls, complete the starter packs, then complete them for scrolls and for free gems. Go and spend your free gems on Mystic Summon Scrolls.

Check out the Growth Plan, which is another full set of quests that will get you to a stronger position quickly. These will directly reward you with Mystic Summon Scrolls.

Depending on your level of patience, you can do the summon scroll quests and then reroll all of your summons from there, or simply reroll after the tutorial. It’s all up to your playing style.

Just be sure not to spend any real-life money until after you’re sure whether you want to keep your data or not. If you spend it, you’ll lose it if you restart the game.


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