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Call of Doodie! – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Call of Doodie! is a new game that’s all about what happens when you really need to go to the bathroom. Your goal is to get there as fast as possible, but there are a ton of doors, some which contain bears, and a whole lot of other complications that you have to consider. Read on for some tips and tricks for Call of Doodie!

Any time that you lose at a stage, remember what the right doors were last time that you went through, at least up until the point that you lost. You don’t need to wait for the screen to finish changing from one room to the other after you tap, so you can tap in as rapid of a succession as you want. The faster you can tap from memory, the more likely that you are to make it on time.

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Watch out for the sliding doors as well. They will start to come around on later stages, so it’s best to memorize what direction you have to swipe in order to get past them quickly the second or third time you play. If you swipe in the wrong direction, you will get slowed down for a second and your poop meter will increase, causing you to take longer and usually tanking your chances of finishing the stage on time.

When you come up to the doors that are blocked off with pieces of wood, the best way to get past them is to tap them with two thumbs alternating, so that you can break them as quickly as possible. Some wood will take more taps to break than other pieces of wood, so it’s best to remember how long it took to get past them in case you need to play the stage again due to losing.

Watch out for specific levels where you end up playing as the bear instead of the person. On these levels you will have to avoid tapping the person door; tap the bear door instead. Otherwise, they work the exact same way, so you can prepare for your second or third run in the same way if you lose at your first run through the level.

There are quite a few ads, and since this is an independently developed game it’s best to purchase the ad-free experience if you want to play without seeing ads. You can get the same result, though, if you set the phone or tablet that you are playing the game on into airplane mode before you start playing it. That will make the ads go away immediately.