Call of Duty: Mobile – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Call of Duty: Mobile is the long-awaited mobile version of the most popular FPS franchise of all time. In this collaboration between Activision and Tencent, your goal is to play in various multiplayer game modes, such as battle royale and good old-fashioned team deathmatch, use all kinds of weapons and accessories to customize your loadout, and get as many frags as possible.

You can use all different categories of weapons, from assault rifles to knives to sniper rifles, and along the way, you can load up on Credits and CP, as well.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Call of Duty: Mobile!

From the beginning you will be able to choose between simplified shooting and advanced shooting. Simplified shooting makes it so that you only control the aim of the gun, while the shooting happens automatically when the crosshair is over the target.

Advanced shooting makes it so that you have to tap to shoot manually. Simplified is fine for beginners, but advanced gives you the ability to be far more precise. Simplified is also better for SMGs and automatics, while it’s nearly useless for sniper rifles.

Adjust your style of play based on your weapon of choice, as well. Using a machine gun, you’re going to be doing more run-and-gun, playing more aggressively, and getting closer to shoot. Using a sniper rifle, you’re going to want to hide in the shadows, aim, and fire at unsuspecting opponents who are across the stage from you.

So what’s the best weapon? While the best weapon really depends on your style of play, the sniper rifle makes a good case for it because of how many shots you can take nearly unnoticed from the back of the level. It’s very easy to rack up a huge amount of points and experience points using a sniper rifle.

This answer can change depending not only on what your teammates use and what level you’re on, but what the opposing team is using. If you pick a sniper rifle but it turns out that the other team has 2-3 snipers, then using one sniper might be useless for you unless they’re slow. As always, speed is key.

Be sure to make use of your scorestreaks often. If you’re new to the CoD franchise, scorestreaks are “super moves” that you unlock by racking up points. As you rack up points you’ll be able to activate them, but it’s easy to get tunnel vision and ignore them. Use them often to figure out how best to use them effectively, as well as to know which ones you can swap out for new scorestreaks when you unlock them.

Make use of the practice mode if you want to experiment with your loadout and/or your scorestreaks without having to risk any rank against other players. Use these modes to fine-tune your play style, especially once you start racking up a large number of accessories.

Want to get some free Credits? Then go to the ad-box icon in the top left corner of the main menu screen and tap to watch an ad video. Once the video is done, you’ll be able to open an ad-box containing free Credits. You can watch these videos up to 5 times per day, with ten-minute cool-downs in between.

Most of what you unlock in this game is based not off of spending CP or Credits, but based off of gaining experience levels. You can spend Credits if you want to unlock something early before you hit the experience level for it, though.

CP is mainly used if you want to unlock a cosmetic modification to your weapons. An example would be the Color Burst M4 Carbine. It will have exactly the same performance as the standard M4 Carbine, it will just look different.

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