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Call of Mini: Beyond Infinity – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Call of Mini: Beyond Infinity is a new multiplayer first-person shooter in the long-running Call of Mini series for the iOS and Android platforms. You can earn gold and crystals, play with a multitude of mechs, who each have different abilities, and team up into red vs. blue with against other players to try to compete for team supremacy. Read on for some tips and tricks for Call of Mini: Beyond Infinity!

Before you begin a battle, you can pick your mech. Before you make your choice, read each mech’s capabilities closely, because some are geared more toward support, some toward strong attack, and some toward strong defense. Others are more support-oriented, which means that they are great for helping your team win, but if you want to become the individual MVP, these are not your best picks.

Just as important is knowing your mech’s attacks. Some mechs have fast-firing guns with instant-hit bullets, while others fire slow, bouncing shots. The slower the shot from the gun, the more damage it tends to do, and the better for close range combat. The faster-firing shots tend to do light damage but are great for distance combat.

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You have about four mechs to begin with, and can unlock more of them as you progress through the game, using gold. Each mech has a completely different move set, so even if you are good with what you have right now, try to unlock more of them anyways. You might end up finding a new favorite.

Depending on what phone you have, there are three different graphics settings in the options menu that can be used to find the best balance between speed and detail. If you have a newer phone such as an iPhone 8 or X, then setting the graphics to high should be no problem at all. If you have an old phone such as a 5S or older, best to set them to low or medium for maximum speed.

Crystals are the premium currency of the game. Right now, there is no way to get free crystals; you have to buy them. In the future, though, we can expect the developers to add some kind of quest or achievement system to the game, some of which will pay out in free crystals.