Call of Mini: Infinity Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Call of Mini: Infinity is the latest in the long running Call of Mini series from Triniti Interactive. This installment in the Call of Mini franchise is entirely focused on multiplayer, with one on one duels, four on four deathmatches, and more unlockable modes such as king of the hill and fighting for cash. The goal, of course, is to unlock everything that you can, while racking up the gold, tCrystals and glory by participating in battles, making kills, and winning. Read on for some tips and tricks for Call of Mini: Infinity!

Early on when you play, you’re going to be killed more often than you make kills, due to playing against other players who have unlocked better weapons. Even still, be assertive, run after other players while shooting, and put them on the defense. Each kill you get earns you more gold., and the faster that you earn gold, the faster that you can upgrade your current weapon.

The more that you play, the more experience points that you earn, which will allow you to unlock skills such as throwing grenades, setting up gun turrets, and having an electromagnetic force field.

Use grenades during the group play modes, especially when the other team is locked in a shootout with your team and thus might not be paying attention. As for the gun turrets, set them up in high traffic areas, especially in areas at or near where players respawn after they get killed.

Camp out at the respawn points as well, for fairly easy kills. Even though players have a small time of invincibility after they come back, you have an easy target, and you can still chase them until their invincibility wears off, allowing you to headshot them for an easy kill.

You can get a lot of gold and tCrystals when you level up. If you still want more tCrystals without having to pay real money for them in the store, go to the store area and there’s a Tapjoy offer wall with free offers that can earn you tCrystals for completing them.

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