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Car – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Hacks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Car is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where a bunch of cars try to bump each other off of the stage at the same time. Your goal is to be the last one standing, to unlock a bunch of new skins, and to increase your ranking to the highest rank that you can get. Read on for some tips and tricks for Car!

In order to win, you have to knock all of the other cars off the level, and this is done by hitting them at angles which cause them to be bumped toward the edges, until they finally fall off the edge, while avoiding getting bumped toward the edge of the level.

When you bump somebody off of the level, your car increases in size. This allows you to bump other cars farther, while they bump you a shorter distance when they hit you, but the difference is so small it’s negligible. Being big also makes it tougher to avoid the edges of the level, and the edges are rather narrow to begin with, so you have to be very careful not to get knocked off.

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Right now, there are no real skins to unlock in this game, but considering other .io games, there should be more popping up next time that the developer updates the game. Right now, you can play as multiple different colors of the same car, but not different cars. There is no currency system, so the different cars should be unlockable through means that involve completing certain actions.

Each round consists of you and six other cars, which seems small, but for the size of the level, it’s just right and it results in short matches. The cars are not controlled by other players; they’re controlled by AI instead, meaning that you can play when you are offline, as well, rather than just when you are online.

There are a lot of ads in this game. When you have a good connection, they should load up just fine, and when you have no connection, they won’t load at all. When you have a weak connection, though, they might freeze due to trying to load and then stopping in the middle. If this happens, then throw your phone into airplane mode in order to get rid of the ads until you get into a high data area.


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