Car Merger (Voodoo) – Top Tips, Cheats, Upgrade and Cash Guide

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Car Merger is a new game by Voodoo for the iOS and Android platforms where you merge cars together, let them race around a track, earn money, and then merge more cars together until you have more and more cars, and more and more money. You can level up, earn a ton of offline income, and unlock increasingly rarer and more realistic cars as you go. Read on for some tips and tricks for Car Merger!

To add the base level car to your field, you can either buy it at the outset or you can simply let the game sit and wait for more boxes to appear for free. Open the boxes and more cars will pop out. If you have an internet connection, a video offer will sometimes appear letting you upgrade one car for free without having to do any merging.

Starting at the time that you unlock the level-5 car, you’ll be able to unlock increasingly advanced cars to purchase from the store. From that point, each new car that you unlock allows you to buy one car up from the previous highest-level car in the store, allowing you to use your money to upgrade further than you otherwise would have. Sure, it can get expensive, but it really speeds things along.

To earn coins for unlocking,, stick cars onto the track and let them race around endlessly for awhile. Each car that’s higher than level 1 will earn twice as much per second as the car one level below it. Before going offline for an extended period, always be sure that your track is loaded with cars, and when you’re merging lower-level cars, stick your higher-level ones on the track until they are ready to use.

Often you’ll get the video offer for a free upgrade whenever you purchase a car. Take this one every time, because you won’t have to spend anything more than what you already spent, and car upgrades get more expensive as you go, so you will need to be judicious with the money that you spend as things get more pricey.

If you have an internet connection, then always remember to hit the x2 button in the lower-left corner of the screen to unlock the double coin boost for awhile. Also, when you come back from being offline for awhile, you’ll be able to watch the ad video for a double boost to all of your offline earnings. Just make sure that you have an internet connection or you’ll lose out on the ability to double your offline coin

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