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Car Race Freestyle – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Car Race Freestyle is the new physics-based stunt racing game for the iPhone and iPad. You start off with only one car but as you continue on, you unlock quite a few others. There are three different types of stages to play in this game right now, each of which has a very different physics and very different goals. Read on for some tips and tricks for Car Race Freestyle!

While the curved track does not have jobs, both the normal track and the jump track have their own fair and sufficient shares of jobs built into them. Be sure to use these very carefully as tilting too far in the wrong direction can lead your characters to get killed very easily. Tilt only as gradually as you need to in order to bring your car back right side up.

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Don’t just choose what car you want to drive based on the horsepower and torque numbers that go with the car. They really don’t make a speed difference within the game itself, at least not enough of one to notice. Instead it, sometimes the cars with a smaller amount of power are the easiest ones to handle.

You have an in game currency, coins, and the best way to learn coins by far is to go to the curved track. When you go to the straight track or to the jump track you are moving so quickly that often times you will not see the coins that are dropped behind you. However, on the curved track you will do so many loop the loops that you will end up driving over the same spot multiple times, leading to you collecting the coins that were dropped behind you the first time.

Be sure to avoid all of the various obstacles that come up. Pay attention to them and notice what their pattern is before they become too tough to kill do to unpredictable patterns. Watch the stepper to see when it is raising up and then drive past it. Pay attention to the buzz saw and drive-through when it pulls back enough that you have space.

Every time that you share your progress with friends on Facebook, you will earn 10,000 coins for free. If you don’t want to bother your real life friends with this, start a second Facebook account, link this game up to it, and move forward.