Car Town for Facebook: Optical Illusions: How to build a multi-story garage by stacking walls and floors

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In Car Town for Facebook, many people have built what appears to be two story garages, or even three story garages, complete with staircases and everything. The problem is, when you play the game, you can’t find an option anywhere to build a second story onto your garage, and there’s no apparent option that’s been added to the game or anything like that. So how do you build what looks like a multi story garage?

See, there’s the trick. It’s really an optical illusion. What do I mean? Well, there a few things that are required to make this happen.

First, your garage needs to be big enough to accommodate the appearance of multiple floors. This is accomplished by loading up your garage with expansions. You need to have a big garage in order to make this happen. Without a big garage, you’ll run entirely out of space to put your service bays. Now, with enough room in your garage to make this optical illusion happen, here are the things you need to do.

To make a fake second story, you can stack two walls, one on top of the other, in the front of your “second story” area, or you can stack walls in the corners, then build a slightly darker colored floor tile under the walls in the front for the rest of it. Then, put the walls as normal in the back, and put a third floor color on your “second story” to differentiate it from the rest of the shop.

To build a fake staircase, first, stagger the walls a little bit. Don’t build them right next to each other. Build them offset by one space, and then use different-colored floor tiles alternated with each other to give off the illusion of stairs.

That’s all you have to do! It sounds simple, but it works, and it’s the only way to build a garage that looks like a two story garage. For more detailed instructions on how to build a two story garage (or a three story garage if you are so inclined), check out the following video: How to build a two story garage

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